Dodgers offer all-you-can-eat seats

Oh, sure. Because Americans aren’t nearly fat enough already. Hey, what a great idea! :smack:

As a nearly life-long Dodger fan and one who certainly enjoys a Dodger Dog or two per game, this sounded exciting when I first heard about it a couple of days ago.


I spent some time breaking it down like this. $10 for the seats in the worst section of the park (unless you specifically enjoy taunting and throwing things at the outfielders), meaning you’re paying $25 - $30 for the all-you-can-eat privilege. On a typical outing for me, I’ll have two Super Dodger Dogs ($10.50), two sodas ($10), and if I’m feeling really ambitious, maybe an order of fries or a pretzel or some ice cream (say, another $5). If I’m really on a binge and if I got to the game really early that day, I might have two of the last three items. So altogether, at the absolute maximum, I’m going to spend $30 on food and drinks at the game. If I went with the all-you-can-eat option, I have to eat AT LEAST that much to make up the price of the ticket, AND I’m stuck with crappy seats. Much better to just sit in the Top Deck behind home plate for $6 and a much better view and probably pay far less for food.

The only other advantage I can see to the all-you-can-eat option is that the lines probably move more quickly since people aren’t digging through their wallets for cash, but that still doesn’t even come close to worthwhile to me.

I will do plenty of pointing and laughing at the suckers who choose that option during the season.

Beer isn’t included? Screw that!

Let’s see. At an average game, we will go through: a DodgerDog each, an order of nachos, an order of garlic fries, and 3-5 beers apiece. Hardly worth it to move from our seats down around 3rd to out in the crappy pavilion. They have to do something with those seats, because right field hardly ever sells even a tenth of the seats available.

Are they going to provide wider seats too?

Mmmmm… seats.

They better…

It’s not that unusual, really. There’s a handful of areas at New Busch Stadium in St. Louis that include food and beverage, even beer. Many of these seats are sold out as season tickets, but StL has the Prime Seat Club. That’s an arrangement for season ticket holders to sell individual game tix through the Cardinals web site. The seats in most of the special zones give the fan more room, too.

Just don’t ask what they’re seasoned with.

Well… OK. Just keep your hands and fingers away from their mouths.