Does a bio exist for the Snopes folks?

Barbara and David P. Mikkelson. owner/writers/operators of the Urban Legends Reference Pages. Didn’t see anything in the FAQ on their site, and I was wondering about their background – who they are, why they started, how they operate their site, etc.

According to this article, David is a web programmer and Barbara is a housewife.

Why don’t you ask them?

She’s a very busy housewife! She must churn out masses of pages of virtual print every day, and much of that stuff appears to be extremely heavily researched.

Both were / are regulars on the usenet group alt.folklore.urban, which has its own website and hundreds of contributors.

IIRC the two met through that newsgroup. I vaguely recall that they announced their engagement on April 1. It may still be on google if you’re patient enough to search.