Does a full Moon really do strange things to animals?

I left work at about 12:55 at night. (long natter with the guy taking over from me. I was supposed to leave at 12)

As I’m walking along the promenade I notice more seagul droppings than usual. Sometimes you get concentrations of droppings like this so I assumed it was one of those. But as I continued to walk it just wouldn’t end. The entire promenade is caked in sh*t.

I carry on walking and see a flash on the horizon (coming from the direction of South Scotland/ North England). This prompts me to inspect the sky in general. I look behind and see that there is a full moon (and a cool looking one at that… lighting up the clouds)
Then later on I spot a black cat sprinting full-pelt down the path in my direction. I psswssswwwsswsss it but it isn’t interested. It pelts right past me and down the lane.
Do full moons make animals do weird stuff (like lose bladder control and run a lot) or am I just too attentive about the mundane?

The latter.

I dunno about animals but it seems to make people do strange things. A couple months back I was out for my walk at about 2:00 am (I work nights, but this was my night off) and I got bombarded by waterballoons from a moving vehicle. Although I did get satrted on a story idea for assholethropes


Here’s a nice summary of the available studies correlating behavior with a full moon.

As you can see, the vast majority of the studies fail to show significant correlation of behavior with a full moon.

We always joked about it when I worked night shift in the ER, but in reality the full moon probably had no bearing on the number of wierdos, nutbags, and deviants showing up at the hospital. :wink:

OK, so, if not the full moon, why else was a normally clear pedestrian promenade caked in the evacuated guts of a thousand seaside life forms?

My dogs tend to be more excitable on the nights of a full moon … but it’s not the fact that it’s a full moon, but that they can see things at night they normally wouldn’t be able to see as well, because it’s so much lighter. They can look out the window and see foxes, possums or whatever because it’s so bright. I would imagine that other animals might well take advantage of better lighting to be more active as well.