Does a Tampon Show up on an X-ray?

That’s it, really. If you’re scratching your head thinking “I wish HH would give me a ferinstance,” here you go: a menstruating woman is in a car wreck and injures her pelvis, thus necessitating an x-ray of the pelvic region.

*And no, I’m not going to do a google image search of “x-ray tampon,” at least not while I’m at work.

Tampons don’t usually show up on plain film X-ray. If there is a lot of air associated with the tampon, you may see a morelucent area within the vagina. On CT tampons are commonly seen, again largely due to the contrast provided by the air.

I should also point out the other stuff seen on the provided link, notably the bottle up the bum.

Thanks, AfttD! I’m assuming you’re referring to the top pic on the page? I can sort-of see a vague area of distortion where I’m guessing the device might be, but really I’m just guessing.

I linked the post for the many interesting images, as well as the citation: “Tampons may also appear as tubular gaseous densities within the pelvis and should not be confused with anything more sinister.”

The second image with the IUD (the T- shaped in the pelvis) also has some rectal gas a little lower down. Vaginal gas would also be superimposed in the lower pelvis, but less well defined.

From what I read, the second picture is a similar example but not a tampon.
I gotta admit though, I’m much more disturbed by the last picture…that looks way past the waist :eek:

I liked the section on things that have been swallowed: