Does Amazon Prime send random Christmas presents?

I have gotten two packages of chocolate, on singular pair of socks from Amazon in the last two weeks. I have ask the few people I know who might do something like that, and the strongly denied having anything to do with it.

There is no name, but a QR code in one of the boxes. but is it a scam?, I don’t really wanna check it.

Sounds similar to what happened to friend-of-@Dinsdale last month.

Is there a company name on the boxes? I got a free bag of goodies from a local liquor store last year.

Aw man, I shoulda come back to that thread.

I asked the guy, and he said something like he ordered it from Walmart but it got delivered by Amazon.

He sounded confused enough that I didn’t pursue it, and shoulda corrected it here.

Well one-third of the mystery solved. A director at work sent one of the chocolates to some people, but sent them anonymously by mistake.

Today allegedly a package containing a triptych and a box of band aids was delivered. Instead I got a few hundred feet of fancy fishing line in clear and dayglow yellow and some other small fishing line connectors (??) I have no idea how they’d be used. I think my package was “delivered” to the UPS depot in a nearby city because the tracking info suggests it was delivered to their office.

What this fishing stuff is I can’t imagine. My name is on it twice, plus my correct address so it wasn’t meant for a neighbor like last week. I haven’t looked up fishing gear so it’s not a browsing related gift from Amazon or a company. And I cannot imagine that someone sent it to me as a Christmas gift unless it’s meant to hook up something that is yet to arrive.

I don’t know, but that reminds me, I haven’t gotten anything from Maker’s Mark in a couple of years.

(Many years ago my wife was visiting her mother in southern Indiana and they went on a tour of the Maker’s Mark distillery where she signed me up as a “Maker’s Mark Ambassador”; every year since I’ve gotten some little item in the mail from them for Christmas, but I’ve not received anything the past two years.)

And reported, obviously.

I’ve ordered from Walmart and had it delivered by an Amazon truck.

Last holiday season I ordered from Amazon some age appropriate books and toys to be sent to a 1 year old relative.
A few weeks later the dad called to thank me for the box of multiple flashlights, but didn’t think it was appropriate for a baby. Weird, but OK…maybe the family could use the flashlights?
Nope - it was 10 separate boxes of flashlights that attach to a gun! (sorry, unsure of technical term). Looking it up they were going for over $100 each on Amazon. There was even a gift note inside the box that this was a present from Aunt Wallet.
I told him to perhaps sell them, or even just return them to Amazon, but as far as I know they’re still sitting in his garage.