Does any non-American sports team display a map of their state, province, etc as part of their logo

Some American examples:

Minnesota Twins

California (now LA) Angels

New Orleans (Louisiana) Saints

Also in Louisiana:

I’m going to guess maybe some Australian football or soccer or rugby teams? I bet there may be a Canadian example.

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Just so’s ya know, those all link to the same image.

I’m trying to think of any non-U.S. team that does, but another US example are two older Green Bay Packers logos:

Example 1

Birmingham City FC (currently in the EFL, though they’ve been in the English Premier League in the past) has a logo which features a globe, centered on England – does that count?

All the logos referred to here are very, very old and most were never used as a primary logo on a uniform or in primary media. I’m 98% certain no US team, even in minor collegiate sports, uses cartography in their logo currently. This would violate pretty much every tenent of good graphic design, and these aren’t quaint organizations any more where those types of choices get botched.

A few universities use them in their academic branding and letterhead, but I don’t think those ever transfer to athletic departments.

This apparently was the official logo for the Texas Rangers from 1984 to 1993.

Many Spanish teams have logos or escutcheons based on the coat of arms / escutcheon of their location; often while it is based on the city’s, this is in turn based on the region and even on the old Kingdom or Crown (both the Crown of León-later-Castille and the Crown of Aragon included multiple realms which shared the same ruler but were not part of each other; Castille eventually absorbed its sister realms, Aragon didn’t).

For example Osasuna’s escutcheon is clearly based on that ofPamplona, which shares the border of golden chains over a red background with many other Navarrese towns, as it’s taken from our regional symbol.

And here you have FC Barcelona (Barça), Barcelona, and the bars… no, not of Catalonia but of Aragon (although according to legend they originated with a Count of Barcelona).

I could go like that for pretty much any team which wasn’t already linked to a corporate image when it was born.

Mexico City’s Club América has a map of América on its primary logo (i.e., what most English speakers would call “the Americas” or “North and South America”). That’s as close as I’ve come to finding one

The Utah Jazz (on their “City” uniforms and floor) and Milwaukee Bucks (on the floor by the baselines) currently have alternate logos featuring their state. Also, the Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets had state outlines in their primary logos into the 1990s.

Googling around, it appears that the only major league American team that’s currently using a geographic outline as part of their logo are the New York Islanders, who have an outline of Long Island on their logo.

Apparently I failed to post it but one of my examples was Louisiana Tech Who most def has the state of Louisiana on their football helmets.

Hawaii has a map of their state on their college football helmets too.
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Tasmanian Devils VFL team
This or This

The Queensland State of Origin team’s logo has at times included a map of the state, though it doesn’t currently.

The Golden State Warriors do still have the Golden Gate Bridge in their logo. It’s not a map, but it’s a geographic signifier.

Louisiana Tech – yup.

I suspect that this is the University of Hawaii helmet that you’re thinking of, but it’s apparently a new, alternate helmet logo. This is their usual helmet logo.

college BB and FB teams use the state outline on the court/field but normally not on jerseys.

see if you notice the state outline on this jersey, a little tricky to see

In addition to the already-named Louisiana Tech, there’s Indiana State and Stephen F. Austin. Texas Southern doesn’t use it on the uniform but they do use it on their main iconography.

So, your answer to the OP’s question is “no”?