Does any state require a photo ID to register to vote?

Not-quite-a-state Puerto Rico *provides *you a photo ID *after *you register: your voter registration card (which you must show at the polling station) is a picture-ID card (but not Real-ID compliant! Usable only for electoral purposes), made and issued by the elections commission at no charge to you. To register you have to provide proof of domicile and citizenship, but it’s feasible to do so without prior photo-ID (e.g. birth certificate + rent contract + sworn statement from active voter known to the registration staff+ etc.).

The plan right now is to eventually make it so when you register, your picture and signature are taken but recorded directly into the elections commission digital DB, rather than handed back to you in the card, so on election day the poll workers pull up your record on their notebook/tablet and see if the person standing in front of them looks like the person on the screen.

Thing is, we’re not paranoid about ineligible voters and feel our existing safeguards against those who would vote-early-and-often are sufficient. Our biggest problem with elections fraud is instead old-fashioned ballot-stuffing where crooked pollworkers will “vote” on behalf the no-shows.

The objection was to absentee ballots that were postmarked after Election Day. I’m sure you can see the multiple issues with that.

Can’t let it look like you’re actually against our servicepersons risking their lives for our freedoms etc., right?