Do people in the USA think voting SHOULD be difficult?

Yea! Another voter ID related thread to snipe in I can hear everyone’s elation now :stuck_out_tongue:

But in these recent voter ID threads I notice a lot seem to espouse an unspoken idea that voting should not be easy, there should be some cost and difficulty. Or it could be the idea that a bunch of penniless societal fringe dwellers shouldn’t be voting anyway? So who cares about them anyway.

Why is state ID so hard to get in the USA? It is really almost comical how difficult it is in some states, while the feds will hand out passports to anyone with a birth certificate they can confirm is real. Why does it cost so much in some states? Why shouldn’t it be free, isn’t the public interest served in people being able to participate in society?

Why is registering to vote something you have to go do, rather than automatic?

I don’t think it should be hard. I think voter ID laws are okay, but only if the state makes it laughably easy to get an ID. By that I mean basically free of charge (maybe with a limit you can only get a free one once every month, to prevent people from intentionally getting a bunch of IDs to waste the state’s time and money), and possibly other improvements such as making it so you don’t have to wait an hour and a half to get it printed, as well as expanding hours in which it can be gotten (since finding time off, and especially a large chunk of time off can be a burden to folks who really need to work). That or requiring businesses to allow workers <x> hours off a year to get an ID, provided the worker gives proof of having acquired a new one on return to their place of business.

I’m having a difficult time seeing any other issue than partisan and race. Why else go to all that trouble and expense to fix a problem which doesn’t exist?

Shrug I wouldn’t make a very good manager or leader, I like expend energy fixing problems that could in theory exist because they might become real problems in the future. It’s probably the programmer in me.

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I’m talking about issues which go beyond the recent voter ID debate, that have been around for decades and decades. Republicans can’t control all layers of government.

Get out the vote voter registration drives, why does this even exist? People should not have to go make an effort to register. This is a massaive inefficiency and wasteof everyone’s time,
Voter registration should be automatic when getting a state ID, you get one you are registered easy as that.

I’ve never heard that obtaining a state ID is especially problematic. Every foreign student I knew in Hawaii including the wife had one. They were good for the local discounts that are common if you can show residency. The driver’s-license bureau usually does those, and from what I’ve seen they’re not expensive. Less than the cost of a driver’s license IIRC. However, they are not proof of citizenship or eligibility to vote. Just proof of where you are living at a particular moment in time.

And if you want to talk expensive, then take a look at how much a passport costs these days. No one’s exactly “handing them out.”

it is possible that you would need to travel 20 to 50 miles to get to a drivers license office that might be open four hours in a month. hard to do if elderly without a car.

even in a large city you might have to travel 20 miles to a drivers license location and spend half a day waiting in line.

any fee can be interpreted as a poll tax. efforts with difficulty might be interpreted the same as a or similar to a poll tax.

I just wanted to add that voter registration as a seperate issue also introduces another piece of ID that needs to be kept and produced the voter registration card, if you roll registration into state ID this is also eliminated.

One complexity, the way things are currently set up, is that voter registration is not even a state-wide thing. It’s managed by the county officials at the county level, but registration is even more fine-grained-resolution than that. I moved 3 miles from one location to another in the same city, and still I had to re-register to vote.

An election contains a mixture of candidates and measures at a whole bunch of jurisdiction levels – Nationwide, state-wide, county, city, and even for local boards of education, sewer districts, local street light assessments, maybe even the proverbial dog-catcher.

So it becomes important for everybody to be registered at their correct location, and every time you move from your bedroom to your bathroom, you have to re-register.

For your “Identification”, your state-wide drivers license ought to do, and the suggestion that this should be free and easy for everyone to get seems just too obvious (or, an equivalent ID card, with or without driving privilege). Keeping track of who should get exactly which ballot to vote in exactly which neighborhood seems like the harder problem to keep up with, and I think the whole “Voter ID” controversy is all mixed up with this too.

Having to get off your butt and go to the poll to vote could be considered a poll tax then? It costs you time and quite possibly money to cover the transport costs involved. You might have to wait in line to do so. Your employer might not give you time off with pay while you go vote.

The US does have the so called motor voter law. A person can choose to register to vote at the same time he/she gets an id. And if a person chooses not to then he has no one to blame but himself.

My sister is a bed-ridden invalid. As a citizen, she has a constitutional right to vote, and as she relies on Medicaid and Medicare to live, she has a great interest in the outcome of elections.

Mail-in voting is the only option she has to exercise her right to vote, as she can not physically visit a polling station. She does not have a drivers licence, a passport, or other common form of ID.

If any legislator proposes any laws that make it more difficult for her to vote they do not deserve to hold elected office and are acting in a way I find treasonous to our constitution.

For any who say, “What’s the big deal?” I say, it is a big deal, a gigantic humongous f*cking enormous deal for her and others like her. If our voting laws can’t accommodate her, then they are invalid.

The only possible way any of these Voter ID laws could actually work is if governments sent out armies of people to physically visit every eligible voter and provided them with a valid ID. Do we think that is going to happen?

I’d say Voter ID is a hot topic because people are convinced that without some form of controls, SOMEBODY is going to stuff the ballot boxes by having people vote multiple times. The cheapest way to do that is to get the destitute to do it for virtually free. Even if an ID card is required, they figure somebody could still buy the votes of the destitute, and requiring a permanent address is a way around THAT issue.

So, yes, it looks to me like everybody who’s pushing for Voter ID laws are trying to prevent people from voting multiple times, or people with no permanent address from voting at all.

No, but I bet that there is some group associated with the elderly like cough AARPcough or even her local government that if contacted would hel sort out her getting an ID and into a program where she can get absentee ballots delivered to the house so all she has to do is fill it in and drop it into the mail. I get absentee ballots from my town.

Then remember which party changed the absentee voter law come election time… it was the Democrats.

She used to be able to submit one request and to get ballots sent for a complete election cycle (all primaries and the general election). Now that right is no longer guaranteed and if she does not repeat her request at every election they don’t have to send her a ballot.

Extra hassle. Extra time spent and extra expense.

Funny this thread, I just got my ‘voting pass’ for the election this morning in the mail; I almost forgot we are having general elections in a few weeks. I will need some sort of ID to vote. The accompanying letter also tells me where the nearest polling station is, but you can go anywhere really. Last time they even set up some poll stations on the bigger train stations and at some highway gas stations, so commuters could quickly get the vote out of the way… anything to get as many people as possible to vote.

“Doesn’t exist” is probably incorrect.

Sunland Park, NM has been rocked by scandals relating to the recent mayoral election. Allegations include bribery, extortion, and voter fraud. So far, nine government officials have been accused of voter fraud. These are indictments, not convictions, but the suspicion does exist.

A more famous case occured in the 1960 presidential election.,_1960

She gets absentee ballots in the mail now, that’s not the issue.

And as to your “but I bet” garbage, that’s the fetid swamp that all the Voter ID nimrods jump into all the time, coming up with fuzzy assumptions about how all of these folks can just call some number, y’know, from the phone book (or whatever (waves hands)) and someone, y’know, will take care of it.

You know, the local government is typically considered the ‘public servant’ of the residents, and yes in fact you can just open the phone book and contact them, and yes they do have to actually manage to do their jobs, and one of the jobs of the local government is arranging voting, and one of the services is providing absentee ballots. I am soooo sorry you consider picking a phone up once a year to be horribly inconvenient and a huge huge huge bother, but you know, it beats not being allowed to vote because you are female or colored.

A couple of time when I renewed my drivers license they registered me, so it was kind of automatic. I didn’t tell them too nor did I say they couldn’t. I never voted so it just expired until my next drivers license renewal when they reinstated it. I’m not sure if they did it last time or not.