Does anybody else have a bouncy gait?

When I was a kid I did not bend my knees much when I walked. I also walked by placing my weight first on my heel and then pushed off with the front of my foot. This gave me a distinctly bouncy walk. Some of my friends eventually taught me how to walk normally, (Guess its hard to walk and talk to someone who is bouncing up and down). Still if I am excited I start to bounce. My wife calls it my happy walk. Does anybody else do this, or am I a freak?

I have often had people ask me “Why do you bounce when you walk?” :stuck_out_tongue:
I tell them I’m just in that good of a mood all the time!

Me too, so I’ve been told - a friend who saw me while she was driving past said she ‘recognised me from the legs up’. More pronounced when I walk fast.

My nickname at school was “Bouncer”. I can easily be identified from a distance by my walk.

I’m not a bouncy walker, but I’ve noticed that several of the people who are bouncy tend to not move their arms when they walk - they hold them rigidly next to their body as if they were self conscious about them swinging naturally to keep balance as they walk. I always found it a curious thing to do. Do any of you do that as well, or is the bounciness purely a matter of leg motion, with arms swinging as usual?

I don’t know if I’m really that bouncy but I have a very distinctive gait that I think is due to walking quickly. People say they can recognize me at two blocks from my walk. I sometimes walk past mirrored windows or something that make me cringe, and I correct it for the next block or so, and then I’m back to striding/bouncing.

I’m a woman and I think the problem is that I don’t move my hips at all. It feels ridiculous, like pretending to be a runway model, when I do. But whatever, I get along at at least 3.5 miles per hour, so it works. :wink:

Oh, and** mnemosyne**, I have no idea if I swing my arms - part of the problem is that I have very little awareness of what my body is doing so I can’t correct my awkwardness, but I think that I either swing them wildly when I’m going fast or shove them in my pocket. I tend to hold them very stiffly when I run, which I know because I have to stop every so often and shake them to relieve stiffness.