Does anybody else love Charmed?

I’ve only just started watching Charmed regularly and I absolutely love it! I don’t know why as I’m not usually into shows like that (Buffy bores me), but whenever it’s on I always find myself actually watching it rather than treating it as background noise, which is a pretty high compliment coming from me.

Am I weird?

I recall it being pretty popular. If it’s on, I watch a few minutes of it for the lurvely ladies, but I’m not much of a fan.

I used to watch it, but stopped a while back. To be honest, I don’t seem to have the attention span to watch an hour show (which is odd, because I can read for hours and hours.) The women are hot and the show is fun. Sometimes if I am channel surfing and the show is on I will watch parts.

I’ve been watching pretty much since Day One. There was a time when I missed at least an entire season but, thanks to TNT, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode (and some (umm, most) more than once).

Yeah, I love it. I was glad when they killed Shannen Dougherty off but at least a bit disappointed when they replaced her with the half witch/half whitelighter character, Paige, played by Rose McGowan. I still watch, I’m just not a great Rose fan. She seems to do well with the part though.

I actually like it. Weird, since I can’t stand Buffy or Angel, because they have supernaturally powered spoiled rich kids who screech out the “OKAY, WHAT-EVERRRR” type lines, but Charmed is actually pretty intelligent.

Plus, the witches are babealicious, and they don’t mind showing some skin as they cast spells and vanquish demons. I’m just waiting till they get to the Tantric Sex chapter of the Book of Shadows.

Do I love the Charmed Ones?

My last name is Halliwell.

I go out of my way to watch it during Sweeps, they blatantly “sex it up” (the “Naught Nymphs” episode was great!).


I’m actually surprised so many people like it and it has stayed on TV this long.

To tell you the truth, I findit’s a great idea that only really worked for the first few episodes. After that everything they did was cliched, the plotline seems rushed, they got stupidly blatant with showing the girl’s bodies, and many episodes a grotesquely blatant ripoffs of just about anything they felt like stupifying that week.

It was great in theory, but they just never pulled it off right.

Here’s a question: Does anyone like Charmed AND Buffy/Angel?

You’d think so, since the shows are similar (post-modern empowered sexy women with supernatural mojo fight evil), and TNT obviously thinks so, since it puts them back-to-back

Yet I’ve met several Buffy fans (and am one myself) who hate that show, and from this thread, it appears the converse is also true.

Me …

I like Charmed. Mainly because of Piper :slight_smile: but its also a half decent show.