does anybody have any advice on how to keep my cat from peeing on the couch?

I have no cats, but this problem seems simple to me: Just show it where the bathroom is.
I have had problems with guest peeing on the couch and this seems to do the trick.

Thanks for the info about cedarized litter, Maeglin. I figured it must be something like that. About the seafood, cleosia, I actually took them off it, since it seems to make their litter even more stinky.

Back to the OP, I don’t really have anything new to add, other than we went through the same thing with the cat I had when I was a kid, only with him it was the carpet after we’d moved. Unless you can get the scent out completely, a cat will just keep going there. You’re probably in for a new couch. But chin up: it’s a good excuse for new furniture, right?

“But chin up: it’s a good excuse for new furniture, right?”

What do you do with the old one? Reminds me of a chair someone gave to our thrift shop, it stinked of urine.

My favorite thing to do with animals is get a squirt gun. When you catch them doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, shoot them with it. If you cant do that, ROAR really loud & this usually scares the crap out of them so they don’t do it anymore.

Also, no one suggested getting some LION’s urine & putting it on the sofa. Yes, you can get it. Don’t ask me how they get it.

Yep, can you imagine the look on your cat’s face???

If your cat is peeing and not spraying this should work. Since most cats sniff around before going to the bathroom so sprinkle some fine black pepper on the couch. It will probably burn his nose and it’s not the nicest thing to do to him but it will break him without leaving any permanent damage. Alot of people use chili or cayenne but that is probably to harsh for him.
Once he gets the idea, clean the couch and enjoy.


I’m not so sure the squirting will work. This kind of thing is behavioral. You will need to find out why he is starting to do this and alleviate the cause. Otherwise, he’ll keep peeing on the couch, he’ll just make sure you’re not around when he does it.

Lion pee is an interesting solution. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to tresspass in the litter box of something that much bigger than me!

squirt gun can work but there is one major problem. cat’s aren’t stupid. they WILL figure out where that water is coming from and only avoid peeing if they see you pick up the gun. trust me…i’ve done this too. but it does make for some good laughs though =D. as for pepper, that’s just cruel. lol!


Tiny diapers.

With a hole cut in them for the tail.

Ok, but come on, it’s a great picture, isn’t it?