does anybody have any advice on how to keep my cat from peeing on the couch?

my cat likes to pee on my couch. it’s really bugging me (duh!) and i’ve been given so much advice, such as:
~crushed moth balls on or around his area (pee-yew)
~put moth balls into a sock and place on or around the area
~lock it outside for a week
~neuter it
~spank it
~spray bleach water on or around the area

it depends on a couple of things:

are there other cats in the picture? usually they start peeing for terratory.

is the cat fixed? that sometimes makes or breaks a cat’s ability to function as an “indoor” cat…

are you at home alot, or does the cat spend unusually long periods alone (home for like 4 out of 24 hours)?

Do you clean the cat box often? They get really prissy about a clean box. when it’s not clean…that can be their only way to let you know they think their box stinks - by showing you what it smells like!

What ever the answer to these questions…you’ll have to get a new couch. Once they’ve peed on something they usually won’t stop - even if you’ve fixed one of the above problems.

The next time you see your cat pee on the couch, do the following. Get a pillow case. Put cat into pillow case. Tie pillow case onto muffler of car. Drive to the 7-11 and get a malt liquor. Drive back. After you have finished your malt liquor, remove cat from pillow case. Repeat as necessary.

Sell your couch. Alternatively, you could sell your cat.

(What is the going rate for a urine-stained couch or an incontinent kitty?)

Get a dog. Make sure it’s a mean one. The cat will be gone shortly. If it’s an especially mean cat, get two dogs.

Get him neutered (fixed). You should really get cats neutered anyway. There are enough unwanted kittens as it is.

Sure, try the pet store for some products or pee on the cats favorite bed yourself or put plastic cover on the sofa.

is your cat peeing or spraying
Peeing is done sitting down, while spraying is done standing.
If spraying - fix cat
If peeing - this is a little tougher
1 fixing cat might work
2 you must clean couch very well, maybe cover it w/ plastic too or just get rid of it.
3 clean cat’s litter box - a lot add another box, and clean that one a lot also
4 don’t declaw - this makes pee’ers out of good cats
5 take to vet to check for bladder infection or blockage.

Some other tips that no one mentioned.

Switch to cedarized litter. Cats love cedarized litter, and may be less inclined to pee elsewhere.

Treat your couch with Nature’s Miracle or some other enzyme treatment. That is the only way to make urine smells undetectable even by the cat.

Place strips of double sided tape on the couch. Cats hate the feel of stickiness on their paws.

Try putting a food bowl or two over the affected area. Cats will not urinate anywhere near they eat, so this last ditch option might do the trick.

All of these are temporary, of course. Once urinating on the couch is no longer routine activity and the smell is gone, the cat will forget about it and return to normal. Then you can take the food bowls off.


…or you can have an especially ornery little bugger like mine that was fine, then we switched to cedarized litter, and he started peeing everywhere but in the box. He hated it. Now we use the silicon litter, and it works great.


Did you switch gradually or all at once? Cats hate instant litter switches, so if that’s what you did, I am not surprise that your cat was pissed. Pun intended.


okay, let me make one little detail clear: uh-humm!

if i did, i wouldn’t ask for advice on how to keep him from peeing. i would ask how to punish it but that isn’t the case. =) thank you. you may all carry on and cheerio ol’ chaps!

Something you need to do is to make sure the litter box is in an area where he has privacy, clear line of sight and easy escape (I know nobody is hunting him, but instinct, always instinct). Maybe you could put a small litter pan on the area of the couch where he is going. Then after awhile, move it next to the couch (make sure that you remove the scent of his pee from the couch. There are many products available specifically for this. And remember, never clean you house with ammonia!) Then after a while, move it closer to where you want it to be, etc. Take it slow.

You might want to consider any upset that may have happened to start this behavior off, i.e., new additions, somebody gone, etc. Remember, what you may think of as being nothing may be a considerable trauma to a cat.

You might try a book called, “Is Your Cat Crazy?: Solutions from the Casebook of a Cat Therapist” by John C. Wright and Judi Wright Lashnits. Barnes & Noble has it on-line if you can’t find it anywhere else. Short of calling in a behaviorist, this might prove helpful. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Slight hijack, but what is cedarized litter? Can anyone recommend any brands? My kitties aren’t causing any trouble, but hoo boy, does their litter stink (I change it daily, and I’ve stopped giving them seafood).

Cedarized litter is, quite simply, litter made of finely ground cedar chips. If you don’t mind the natural cedar smell, you might be pleased to see how well it combats odor. I think the brand I use is called Katago. Look it up on if you are more interested in specific brand information.

Alternatively, you could buy a litterbox odor spray. The one I have is called Captain Cat, and I would have to say it is rather effective.

Do you have a covered litterbox? Those also help reduce odors.


As much as you don’t like hearing it, if the cat keeps doing this (after you’ve acted on all this good advice), you’re going to have to choose between the cat and breathable air in your house. No contest, huh?


Just a word of warning: Some cats develop an allergy to seafood. One of my cats did this a few years ago (his litter mates never did). He would scratch patches of fur and skin, but only on one area of his neck, in reaction. Apparently, it’s a common allergy.

Pin up a sign that says:


handy…are you from South Philly?

Get the cat fixed. Neuroman’s way should fix him alright.