Does anybody remember the screaming fat kid street preacher?

This was back in the early 90’s I believe. This fat screaming street preacher kid made the news for a couple of weeks. He would hold the Bible open and scream at pedestrians, calling them all sinners and whatnot. Sometimes his little sister would be out there with him, lending vocal support. He even screamed at a Salvation Army volunteer dressed as Santa Claus, calling him “Satan Claus.”

It turned out their father had instructed them to go out in public and scream at the sinners. The kid’s probably in his thirties now, so I’m wondering if he ever wound up in a mental institution or something.

]This thread, which has been zombied a few times, is what you are looking for, I believe.

Thanks. Looks like he turned out more or less normal after he and his siblings moved away from their parents. Found his FB page. He’s a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and his son is a boxer.

Yes, I remember he was on Oprah. It was uncomfortable to watch.

Wasn’t that an episode of South Park?