Does Anybody Use Lotus "Symphony"?

I saw one of those “Idiot’s Guide to Lotus Symphony” in a bookstore-I wasn’t aware that anybody actually used such ancient software-and that Lotus still marketed it!
As i recall, “Symphony” was like Microsoft Office-it had aa SS program, a word processing program, etc.
Anyboy use it? Is Lotus 123 still around?

Well I did about 15 years ago. Kinda surprised to see that you can dl it here:

good times!

Well Lotus has recently packaged their own version of OpenOffice and simply put the Symphony name on it.

I’d guess the book you saw was for the new version. I’m kinda surprised Symphony has enough interest to warrant a guide for it, though.

My girlfriend is still ardently committed to Lotus 123. Detests Excel. In Lotus 123 she still uses the ancient keystrokes (MS DOS Lotus 123 way of doing things, supported as legacy in the Windows version), not the mouse.

Technically she has Lotus SmartSuite 2000 but stopped using Lotus WordPro a couple years ago (too many people emailing Microsoft Word documents and expecting her to be able to open and read them), although she hates Word also. (Doesn’t everyone?)

I have one of my computers with Windows 98 still on it. (not connected to the Internet so don’t need all the security of XP etc.)

Excel 2003 requires XP or above, so I keep Lotus 123 on this computer. A whole lot of commands do similar things in both Lotus and Excel, and I don’t have a ny trouble going between the two. If I didn’t have Excel, I could use Lotus without any problems. Still a pretty good SS.

Before I got the latest 123, I had a floppy dosk version. It required thirty, (30), (XXX) 1.4 Mb disks and took forever to load. Ahh, those were the days!

I was on the WordPro development team from 1996-98. By 2000, the entire WordPro team in Atlanta was let go and maintenance programming was shifted to Bangelore.

It’s definitely still around and my employer wants all of us to start using it.