Does anyone actually use paperweights to hold down papers anymore?

Does anyone actually use paperweights for weighting down papers anymore?

I see lots of paperweight type knick knacks in thrift stores, and some are even sold today, but it occurred to me that I’m 46, and I’ve never seen someone actually use a paperweight in a professional office environment to hold down a burgeoning stack of papers.

When did people use paperweights? Is this something leftover from the pre-central AC days of yore when office fans and open windows ruled the land?

We use paperweights in my office to hold down the corners of the big plotted schematics we have. They’re printed on rolled paper and are very large (often 2.5’ x 12’ or more). The paperweights we use are soft, sand filled leather bags with an engineering logo on them; they’re nothing like the fancy collectible ones…

I used one while working at a job where there was a ceiling fan over my work spaice.