Does anyone believe Bush wont get re-elected?

Does anyone seriously believe this?

With either Osama Bin Laden being found and/or another attack on the US leading up to the election, how can Bush lose?
He cant.

Do you know something about Bin Laden that we don’t?

Oh yes very clever.

I dont know anything about Bin Laden or Al`Queda.
But i do know about George W Bush.

Educate yourself

Am I to assume that you made a guest account simply so you could whoosh us?

Or are you just an idiot?

I’m plenty educated, thanks. And yes, I do think he won’t be re-elected. Even if I’m wrong, given the state of the country and national polls it’s ridiculous to present it the way you’re doing, as an obvious fact, that he will be.

Given a quick look at the sites, Soapbox, I wouldn’t be surprised by either.

Care to let me email you once it all becomes a reality with a giant “I told you so”?

This would fit perfectly if we had a Great Big Waste of Time Forum.

Nobody’s said any of those things can’t happen. Maybe they will, who the fuck knows? It’s when you start claiming it’s all a plot that you have to, you know, provide some damn evidence. I’ve been listening to people pull this stuff for almost three years now and nobody has! Ever! Care to take a shot?

Maybe the OP is simply admitting that the GOP have all their dirty tricks in place, and Bush will “win” even if 99% of the populace vote against him.

Well, shit.

We all better hope Bush’ll win, 'cuz, y’know, Kerry’s just a lab rat trying to take over the world. Narf.

I see you have conveniently hidden your own email address so that we cannot return the favor. Got Balls?

I frequent 3 message board (1 deals with pop culture, 1 deals with history/generations, and then there’s the SDMB). In the past month, there has been a huge increase of history board membership. Every single newbie spouts the GOP line. Since that happened over there, it can happen over here too.
Interesting campaign strategy in the face of sinking polls, huh?

Interesting, but nothing new. Software companies have been putting employees to work for years spamming their support boards with denials about every bug and security hole. The intellectual property industry took the cue and started trolling any boards where digital music/movies were discussed to try and spread the idea that you don’t have the right to listen to your CDs or watch your movies unless they decide you do. My dad is convinced he has to spend $50 on OEM proprietary fuses for his motorcycle because he heard it on the company forums (and random internet strangers would know better than his engineer son, of course). It’s a natural evolution that the political parties would get involved.

To specifically answer the OP, who is apparently just trying to stir the shit pot:

Yes, according to the most recent poll results I saw, something like 52% of Americans seriously believe that Georgie boy is an incompetant asshole who can be defeated in '04. Sorry, no cite.

GT: *

Educate yourself*

Hmmmm. I went to the second of those sites and “educated” myself about the death of Princess Diana:

About the 9/11 attacks:

About the invasion plans of “Yisraelim Zionist terrorists”:

You are not lending your cause (whatever the hell it is) a whole lot of credibility with supporting references like these.

Hey, Got Taste. You know those people with Kerry/Edwards signs? The ones at rallies and speeches? More than likely all of them think, or atleast hope, Bush will lose.

Also, I am not sure why I am taking such an illogical stance and applying logic to it, but wouldn’t that have BAD effects on the president? We are supposedly more safe since 9/11 and an attack on our soil would not be good I would imagine - for anyone.

DIdn’t look at the links, but to answer the OP:

I seriously don’t think Bush will get re-elected. At this point with the way things are I will be mildly surprised if he does.

As to the rest of the folks in this thread…give it a rest. If you don’t like the OP simply don’t post. Why some of you feel the need to demean and degrade (without violating the letter of the GD rules of course) is beyond me. It was a simplisticly asked OP…so answer it and move on, or ignore it. I can’t believe the level of visciousness this forum is starting to get too. :frowning:


Soapbox Monkey

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Are you aware that you can’t call people an idiot in GD? That is quite enough.

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got…taste…is …right…will…vote…for…bush…


Well, I won’t say that it is impossible for Bush to get re-elected, but I sure hope not.

xt: * Why some of you feel the need to demean and degrade (without violating the letter of the GD rules of course) is beyond me. *

Huh? Other than SM’s illegal “idiot” snap, what exactly was “demeaning and degrading” or “vicious” about the responses to the OP? There was indeed a certain amount of sarcasm and irritation in response to the fact that the OP and the OP’s subsequent posts were basically just taunts backed up by some Internet tinfoil-hattery, but that hardly counts as “viciousness”, IMO.

Hell, I stand to win some serious dough (about $25,000) when Bush loses.

Trust me, I stab the voodoo doll every day.