Does anyone care about the Home Run Derby?

Home Run Derby = cool.

Plain and simple.

Ah, Jesus. I like him very much, but he no help with curveball.

I think it’s a fun event, and I enjoy watching it. But nobody should really read anything into it. In a lot of ways Berman is the perfect host for it, because I don’t think he takes it too seriously and has a lot of fun with it.

BTW- HRD messes up their swing. What a bunch of crap.

A> plenty of guys have had just as good seasons before All Star Break as after. It is not uncommon for players to have good first halfs and not so good seconds whether they participate in HRD or not.

B> These guys are getting pitches by pitchers of their own choosing. Most often, it is the guy who throws them Batting Practice- DURING THE WHOLE SEASON? So- this messes them up, but butting practice 200+ times a year from the same coach does nothing?

C> They’re not really doing anything they don’t do every day before a game anyway. If this messes them up, their swing was inconsistent to begin with. Ichiro is famous for hitting bomb after bomb in batting practice pre-game for the fans.

D> These guys spend hours on their swing. Making slight modifications in everything from stance to subtle weight shifts. I really don’t think that HRD is messing their swing up.

I’m sorry guys for the double post…

I blame my 20 month old. he came and hit my laptop, and made my post disappear- I didn’t realize it had actually posted. I was just happy I was able to recover it. :frowning: