Does anyone else write his or her posts in Word?

I was just wondering, am I the only one who writes all my posts in Word before copy and pasting them onto the boards? My spelling is atrocious, quite frankly, and I want to make sure that people don’t loose the meaning of my posts or questions when I miss-spell something. Anyone else do this? Has SDMB ever considered adding a spell check?

If a post is long and drawn out, I’ll copy it into word and do the check.

Notepad. I don’t like to rely on spellcheckers. I have also been burnt by losing a couple of posts along the way.

Copy and paste for me.

I occasionally use word to spell-check one word. But I nearly always use the board’s edit box to type my posts.

Sometimes I’ll use notepad if I am responding to several and/or large posts in one reply and need to scroll up and down the thread.

Note that spell checking isn’t infallible.

Usually, if the post involves a list, or a lot of words that may need spell chached, then I will type it in word first. But most of the time, no, I don’t.

Sometimes, I do, for a longer or more detailed post. This one however I’ve just typed right in.

I do always highlight and ctrl+c my posts before clicking Submit Reply though.

I usually do. My spelling is awful. In 1979 was diagnosed (after two days of intelligence testing by the Newington Children’s Hospital) with a ‘spelling disability’ (I’m sure the name has changed by now). I can’t spell often transpose entire words into other words and mix up digits in phone numbers. I have plenty of chances to look like an idiot. Spell Check is any easy way to avoid some of them.

Not Word, but Notepad. Usually only for longer posts.

This is mundane and pointless, but since you asked.

I use the editor in Outlook, which is already open and has spellchecking. For something as short as this I don’t bother. Do Ctrl-C before posting tho’.

There are spellchecker plugins for both IE and Mozillas Firefox. There is also one for Opera, though I’ve never used it myself, and probably one for Netscape, too.

I looked at the Mozilla Firefox page, and promptly got confused. Oh well, I think my brain still needs to wake up.

Since you asked: a combination of both. Spellcheck rules! :smiley: