Does anyone feel like discussing "The Good Wife" (2016- open spoilers as it airs)

I binge watched seasons as they became available, but haven’t seen any for a while. Did the Michael J Fox character ever die?

ETA: the last season I saw involved the new firm starting up in the ratty building.

Agree 100%. Cary and Diane are HORRIBLE people. Divorce your shitbag husband. Break free of Cary and Diane (ideally while screwing them over irreparably in the process).

No, he hasn’t yet, but he hasn’t been on in a while either. Your last sentence was part of the ridiculousness of the last season. Cary is a partner in the ratty place, then they manage to force Lockhart Gardner folks out of their building so Alicia gets to go back home, sort of. Then she runs for State’s Atty, so she gets screwed over by Cary & Diane over her compensation of her partnership buyout. Then she gets screwed over by the Democrats in the election, so she starts her own firm, out of her own house, eventually with Lucca becoming her partner, then she gets screwed over on a court case and Cary has to bail her out, so she’s an unnamed partner back at Lockhart Agos (or whatever they’re called now). :eek::smack::confused::dubious::frowning:

The Targets episode spurred me to consider the spin-off issue. With a successful show like this, network execs and producers frequently look to keep the show going in another form.

This episode made me wonder if they are testing out the idea of a show involving Elsbeth and her ex. (The ex was basically not necessary to the plot. They could have gotten the information via other means. And almost did.)

I like Elsbeth quite a bit, but to have her as the lead in a show? Nah.

There could be a few more try-outs coming along.

Worse. She’s not even a partner in the firm; she was brought back as an associate. After having been an associate and then partner in Lockhard, Gardner for several years. After having been a partner at Florrick, Agos. While her husband is the governor. (Which has to count for something.)

I’m not sure about that. I just went back and rewatched the beginning of episode 14 where she and Lucca get assigned to their offices. Lucca is in the associates meeting with Diane that’s playing during the beginning credits (but Alicia isn’t). Diane’s voice-over says the 28th floor is the executive suite, while the 27th floor is for support staff and most associates. Cary apologizes to her that she has to be placed on the 27th floor. He says there is currently no room on the 28th, but she’ll be getting the biggest office on 27. Lucca says “and I’m on the 27th too, so we can pass notes.”

Anyway, I’d say at best it’s not clear about Alicia’s status. Lucca, is definitely an associate.

I think Alicia’s official status is “Associate Partner.” She’s a partner, but she doesn’t have the same status as Cary, Diane and the other senior partners.

That sounds good to me. Until it changes again next week. Then again in the week following that. I’m going to be disappointed if she doesn’t end up on top somehow at the end of the season/series. The show is called The Good Wife which to me means that by her basically being the good and fair one one throughout the show (i did say “basically!”) that she comes out on top. And comparatively speaking she is the good one when compared to all of the other shit heels in the show.

I’d be fine with the show if she divorced Peter, right before he was disgraced some how, and then somehow Cary, Diane, David Lee all take a horrible fall from grace that ruins their careers, and Alicia and Lucca ride off into the sunset with their love life all figured out.

They could end the series with Alicia finding another love, but I don’t see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the right person. Perhaps the final scene could be her waking up in bed with Doug Ross (George Clooney’s character from ER) after having had a fever dream about being an attorney?

I have almost given up on this show several times, and at least half of them were because “They have to win sometimes. Why would I want to keep watching a show just to watch them get beaten every week?”

I am very glad then whole phone-hot-mike-tap thing seems to be done. I was so annoyed they brought that back in too!

Sunday’s episode was mostly a screwball comedy. An unfunny one.