Does anyone feel like discussing "The Good Wife" (2016- open spoilers as it airs)

This is one of those shows that I just keep watching and I’m not 100% sure why. The plots (if you can call them that) are like twisted, multi-colored balls of yarn that are being chased all over the room by [del]cats[/del] writers to no apparent end.

Why why why did Eli confess what he did re Will’s message?? I know why. To make himself feel better. To “get it off his chest.” But that’s one of those things (and many of us have them) that you just need to carry to your grave. Confessing brings no relief to either side. If I were Alicia, I wouldn’t forgive him either.

The kids’ song writer who fell in Instant Love with Lucca? He was a complete dork IMHO. Judge Marsha Mason wasn’t looking all that good.

Leaving Lockhart/Agos, rejoining Lockhart/Agos, leaving them again, rejoining them again, round and round. No Howard and Jackie this episode. No Peter Florrick.

Alicia’s daughter is getting to be very cute. I guess the son is off in the Foreign Legion.

Christine Lahti reprised the bitchy D.A. she played on Law & Order:SVU a few years ago, minus the booze. Bring back Mamie Gummer, I say!

Maybe I’ve just listed some of the reasons why a discussion of this series is unwarranted…

It’s definitely gone downhill. I think there was another thread in which we discussed this. The endless law firm musical chairs, Alicia’s inability to rid herself of Peter, the lack of interesting storylines for Cary and Diane…it’s really tiring. The writers seem to have no sense of direction.

I’m still watching (mostly fast-forwarding) in the hope that something interesting might happen. But more and more I think it’s time for the show to just end.

The songwriter, played by Matthew Lillard, is named Rowby Canton and this was his second appearance. In the first one, he and the other member of his duo had adapted a rap song called “Thicky Trick” which was weirdly catchy. And Grace’s brother is off at college (as is the actor in real life). It’s kind of refreshing in that some shows manipulate the college years to keep the characters on the show.

I’m hoping this is the last season. The plot (singular) is wearing really thin, as mentioned. Alicia goes to court, prosecutor says something snarky, Alicia et al roll their eyes at each other, then pull some miraculous piece of evidence out of their asses at the last moment. The old law firm is far more entertaining, since there is a larger actor pool to draw on. The Alicia-Peter-Eli story line is just boring.

Diane’s hairstyles are improving as Alicia’s are looking worse. I think on another thread someone said she’s wearing a wig? (I’m having deja vu.)

They’ve already announced that this is the last season.

Ugh. The wife and I were saying the same thing this Sunday. We have almost given-up on it and are ~ 3 episodes behind.

But, reading your spoiler has me wanting to go back and see what the hell Eli did during this election and where Peter ended-up. I saw Eli and the lady campaign manager (don’t remember her name) crossing paths Sunday night, but didnt’ understand what had happened. Anyone want to reveal those points?

Eli has been one of my favorite characters on the show, even if I’ve hated him at times.

I’m in the minority I guess, because I still really enjoy the show. Geez, it’s been on a long time; I think they keep it pretty fresh, all things considered. Interesting comment about the bouncing back and forth between firms since Cary asked Alicia to come back and she said no.

Dewey Finn, I can’t find anything that confirms it’s the last season; just a lot of speculation.

I’ve not heard that for sure, but I did see something with the creators recently saying that they had planned for 7 seasons only. Also, if you look at the episode titles, all of them in Season 1 were one word titles, all in Season 2 were 2 word titles, etc. until Season 5 went back down to 3, Season 6 to 2, and now Season 7 has one words titles again.

I’ve seen that in at least one other show, I always think it’s kind of creative.

They jumped the shark back when Alicia split from Lockhart. Actually, somewhat before that. I rarely watch it any more.

I agree very strongly. I like series where at least some of the characters are interesting and/or likeable. I like none of the main characters in Good Wife and don’t even find them interesting. And ThelmaLou makes a very apt and clever comment on the “plots.”

Despite having been friends with each other for years, Alicia and her ex-partners always assume the worst about each other. Is that real life? Lawyers? Or just a device for slapstick humor? (If the latter, add a laugh-track and have the characters fart every now and then – it couldn’t make it any worse.)

Why then did still I watch? It did seem a little more interesting at first; I liked to watch Kalinda and Eli Gold. And after a while I watched to “take advantage” of the time and effort already invested to know the people and scenario. But no more.

Well, now there’s a little more than speculation I suppose. I just saw this bit of news.

In a speech honoring showrunners Robert and Michelle King at the Casting Society of America’s third annual Artios Awards, she announced she was taking advantage of the assembled audience of casting directors. “I surprised Robert and Michelle tonight,” she said. “They didn’t know I was going to be here. They think I’m here for them, but I’m unemployed come April, and I think you haven’t seen me in a while, at least not in person, so I thought I should show up.”

…and it’s confirmed that this will be the last season of The Good Wife. I can’t say I’m surprised; but I for one, am a little disappointed. I still liked the show even though its best days were already played out.

An episode or two ago, Alicia and Lucca’s little law firm was sued for malpractice by a client, for more than their insurance coverage. So as a result, they joined Lockhart, Agos & Lee, as associates, which is the position Alicia held at the beginning of the series. It was a ridiculous kludge to reset the show.

Last night I got around to watching the latest episode. The NSA type stuff seems like lazy writing me to me. It did nothing to advance the show. It’s like watching a procedural like CSI where each show basically stands on its own. blech
It seems like everyone is pretty much done with the show, and are just phoning it in.

Is there going to be a grand finale? I might watch that.

I don’t know if I can put my finger on why I lost interest in the show. I used to watch and love it. But somehow, I realized that this season had started, and I watched one or two episodes, and I just didn’t care to spend the time. My melodrama-with-a-strong-female-lead needs are being met by Madame Secretary, perhaps.


They have some good guest stars…and at times some good man eye candy.:smiley:

Geez, I hope so! Since they know what is going to be the final episode I hope they try to throw some type of half-assed ending together that gives some sort of conclusion.

Also, have to to agree with you Shodan. Madam Secretary is a darn good show.

Meanwhile, TGW is looking horrible. Way too skinny in body and face, and her hair/wig is awful.

Still watching mainly out of habit. If it had lasted another year, I wouldn’t have.

Alicia divorcing Peter would be the most satisfying ending for me.

I’d also like to see her and Lucca with their own firm again. But that’s mostly because Cary and Diane stopped mattering to the show a long time ago.