Does anyone give a good goddamn?

Like seriously …who gives a fuck really

I do. But I’m new.

Bedboy, rather than hanging out here complaining about how you’re being treated so poorly, why don’t you spend your time seeking some other place where you will get the respect you feel you deserve?

[Moderator hat ON]

For now, you can make your rhetorical comments over in MPSIMS.

[Moderator hat OFF]

What did we ever do to you, Gaudere?

“We are here for this – to make mistakes and to correct ourselves, to withstand the blows and to hand them out.” Primo Levi

Maybe a “Shitcan” forum?

There we can peruse the combined idiocy of bedboy’s rhetoric, kaos’ strength, ED ZOTTI’s dead topics and the continuing saga of Melin histrionics.

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