Does anyone have a heartrate monitor watch?

My SO wants one and his birthday is in a few days. I haven’t had time to research them so I turn to the SDMB for help. He wants one that counts calories burned, too.

Good brands? Anything to avoid? I plan on spending up to $100, maybe more if it is really nice.

'im indoors bought one recently, I think it’s one of the Polar range and he got it from here

It’s one of the variety that has a chest-strap to wear which does the monitoring bit, and the results are viewed on the watchface. He’s tried it a couple of times and seems quite pleased with it.

I have owned a couple of Polars over the years and like them. You won’t find calories burned in a base watch, you have to go up a few steps.
Here is the least expensive Polar I found with calories burned (check the spec page)

I’ve used HR monitors for years. A “calories burned” function will be very inaccurate. Look for a watch that gives average heart rate,maximum HR rate achieved and time spent in different training zones.