Does anyone have a nice knitting pattern socks?

I can’t talk about it on Facebook because there’s a couple of family members who haven’t been told in person yet, but I found out last night my little sister is pregnant!

Yknow, it’s been a crummy couple of weeks for me here; my car was rear-ended and totaled, I’m cooped up because we haven’t found a good affordable replacement yet, and I hurt my back gardening a few days ago, so even though the weather is PERFECT for more gardening and there’s a ton to do and I’m stuck at home a lot anyway, I can’t DO it, so I’m frustrated, achy, and restless sitting here watching the weeds grow - and along comes some really awesome news. My baby sister’s gonna have a baby. sniff She’s already a great stepmom, and they’ve been open about wanting to add to the family, so…I have till December to knit baby things, I guess I can start now…

Congrats to the family!

All my patterns are at home, but Knitting Patterns Central: has a whole page of them.

Not socks exactly, but a popular pattern for knitted baby girl shoes is called “Saartje’s booties”. Available on Ravelry I’m sure.

Or you could take a standard sock pattern and scale it down… waaaaaaaaaay down.

Not socks, but these are my go-to booties when I need to make a baby gift: .

Seconding the recommendation for Saartje’s booties. They are darling, and knit up quickly. Here’s a few multicolor ones, and these hat/bootie sets featuring Saartje’s pattern are so cute I might die of it.

I haven’t tried knitting socks yet. However, I have a very simple but very effective baby blanket pattern.

CO 4, turn, K2, increase by knitting in front and back of stitch, K to end of row. Keep doing the stuff between the stars until the blanket is as wide and long as you like. Then it’s K2, decrease by knitting two stitches together, K to end of row until your needles have somewhere between 5 and 8 stitches left on them, and bind off. Yes, theoretically, you should keep decreasing until you get down to five stitches, but it always makes an elongated tail when I do that. Anyway, this pattern will make a nice border because of the increases and decreases, and it’s diagonal, which means that it won’t curl up. You can crochet a trim around it if you like. I have particularly good success with variegated or speckled yarns. I like to keep a couple of these blankets in reserve, just in case I need a quick gift, and they are great to do while watching a movie.

That is just redonkulous. It makes me wish that a) I was a good enough knitter to try something like that and b) that one of my sils would get pregnant so I’d have an excuse to make something that adorable.

And congratulations on being an auntie!

Thanks all for the links! The Saartje’s booties are especially cute and, I think, something I could tackle. (I’m just finishing up my first ever sock.) My mom’s got the blanket thing well in hand, she always has one in progress either for someone specific or to donate to her church. But she’s never gotten the hang of knitting in the round, so socks and hats appear to be mine to provide. :smiley:

If you have done a sock, you’ll find those booties no trouble at all.

Aw, I’ve gone all warm’n fuzzy. Stuff’s second link goes to hats very similar to the ones I made for my kid and niece.

I have no babies of friends or family to knit for (and an adult-size blanket on the needles). I’m wondering how** Lynne**'s pattern would translate on big needles & more increases to a bigger blanket. I will have to try once the current project’s finished.

Congratulations to the OP on her impending auntiehood.

Are you on by any chance? There’s hundreds of patterns for free download (298, to be exact, using the search “baby sock” + knitting + free + ravelry download).

Yeah, it appears it’s time for me to sign up to Ravelry. Now that I’m comfortable knitting on DP needles there’s a lot of patterns I don’t have to pass up!

She just sent out an ultrasound picture. What a cute little…blob. Turns out she told Mom a month ago, and she managed to keep it quiet, which is a little surprising!

All the sock patterns I ever see are for knitted socks. Are there crocheted sock patterns?

I thought; “Huh, I don’t know …” then I googled andyes, there are many.

Cool, thanks for asking.

OMG. I’ve found EXACTLY the booties to knit for this kid, boy or girl.

Baby Ugg boots. It’s no longer available in English on Ravelry, but I tracked it down elsewhere.

Sis is going to wet herself laughing. Of course, by the time she’s 9 months pregnant, she’ll probably wet herself doing anything…

The greatest thing about Ravelry is the level of talent and free patterns that can be had.

The worst thing is I am on there 90% of the time and I actually knit 10% of the time, if that.

Thank you so much!

This pattern: Ruth’s Perfect Baby Booties is great. I have made them for my niece and nephew. Here it is on Ravelry, so you can see a bunch of examples of what the booties look like.

Unless you have some exceptionally long needles, you’d have to do the blanket in sections and sew it together. I do this blanket on circular needles, and the size limit is determined by how many stitches the needles will hold…and remember, this is the DIAGONAL dimension, so the sides will be smaller.