Does anyone have an electric razor they are happy with?

I’ve had every brand and type over the years so I did a bit of research on my latest one and ended up with a Panasonic ARC5 that I’ve had for the past year or so.
I’ve been pretty happy with it. It gives a much closer shave than the Philips 3 head one I had previously.
It also works wet or dry but seems to work best wet with shaving cream. It comes with a cleaner but I rarely use it since it’s already extremely easy to pop the screen off and rinse under the tap.
The rotary units seemed much more of a hassle to keep clean.

All this talk of wet-shaving and using shaving cream…that’s part of what I want to do away with in using an electric razor.

Maybe I’ll stick to my blade after all. Still debating.


I also use a Norelco Series 2000. I just bought a new one last week so I can shave in the morning (before work) while at the computer. My old Series 2000 is up in the bathroom.

But… I’m not exactly happy with it. I have a heavy beard, and it seems to take a really long time until my face is smooth. This thread gives me hope that there’s a better electric shaver that can significantly reduce the time I spend shaving every morning. Will look in to the Panasonic Arc5 based on some of the comments.

On edit: $143 for the Arc5? :flushed: I hope it’s worth it…

I’ve been using Braun since forever. They tend to be more compact than the rotary ones.

It’s not as close as a razor, but who cares? After a few hours there’s enough growth that they’re indistinguishable. If it’s good enough after half a day, then it was always good enough.

I’ve always used electric since I’m lazy. I usually shave at the computer while checking email. Works best dry. It probably takes a little longer than a razor, but I can’t parallelize a razor with anything. The Braun captures about 90% of the cuttings. The rest is basically dust that gets vacuumed up eventually.

Never much liked them. I don’t understand how they both do not deliver a close shave while still increasing ingrown hairs. However, they are better than the old straight blades.

I don’t really understand that. I’ve been using electric shavers since high school, and I could count the number of ingrown hairs I’ve had in my entire life on one hand. I also get a pretty darn close shave.

As far as letting it grow too long, I also have a beard trimmer. If I shave twice a week – my preference if I can get away with it – I use the beard trimmer sans attachments to trim it down to the equivalent of two days of stubble, and then take the rest down with the Braun shaver.

After shaving, my face is smooth as silk but admittedly it takes me a full 10 minutes or even longer for a bi-weekly shave.

Lately it’s taking longer and longer as I get more and more gray beard hairs. They are much harder for the electric razor to clean up.

Gillette has several five-blade cartridges that fit on the Fusion handle, including the ProGlide, which is available at Costco (in the US) for about three bucks each or less in a package of sixteen. And I see no reason you can’t just use the Fusion Power head with the manual cartridges.

It is what it is. Don’t understand it either.

I’ve been using Norelco Triple-head electric shavers for about a half-century now, and I’m quite satisfied with them. Plus that’s only about 4 shavers total – they can last 15-20 years. You can replace the blades, or even the whole blade assembly when needed, and it’s almost like a new shaver.

I’m currently using a HP-1615 corded model, from sometime in the late 1980’s. It works just fine.

I got fed up with razor blades never sufficiently shaving the hollows of my neck. After repeatedly stroking in the areas up and down, side to side, there would still be patches of hair left that looked like they never got touched by sharpness at all. Scissors would do a better job,

I got a Norelco 6000 series for $120 from Amazon and haven’t looked back. For the first time in decades I got that baby’s butt feel on my neck, smooth and tender. Blades and shavers are like printer’s ink: designed to become useless after minimal use and sending you down into a money pit.

Electric razors never made sense to me, though I have tried them several times, Braun, Panasonic, Norelco…not sure about Remington, but I have tried the major types and styles.

Cost? Well, you have to change the blades every so often (probably once a year?) and when combined with the cost of the razor is not significantly different than using a cartridge-based razor. I buy the cartridges from Costco and they last me about 2 months of shaving 4 - 5 times a week. Toward the end of the 2nd month, I strop them on my jeans every few days.

Convenience? It throws microscopic hair dust everywhere, and cleaning them is much more of a pain than just rising out my cartridge. You spend just as much time going over every part of your face 15 times as you would lathering up with some cream and using a regular razor. About the only difference is that with an electric I generally don’t have to worry about getting shaving cream on my shirt if I am already dressed.

Comfort? I have used both foil-style and the norelco style razors (3 spinning blades or what have you) and to get a nice close shave I end up going over my skin enough that it still feels sensitive later. For my regular shave, I do it right out of the shower in the morning when my facial hair is nice and soft and I lather up and get a nice comfortable shave. And as noted by someone else, the way an electric cuts the hairs and scatters their debris leads to regular ingrown hairs for me, where I almost never get them (maybe once or twice a year…can’t even remember the last one) with a cartridge.

Closeness? Ha ha ha. I have NEVER shaved with an electric that didn’t leave me feeling rough by 2 in the afternoon. My hair doesn’t grow quickly, but it grows fast enough that an electric shave means I need to do it again if I am going out in the evening.

Also of note: If I use an electric, the time I like to shave (right after the shower) makes it more difficult for most shaving styles because the hair is harder for them to cut when it’s all wet and your face is puffy from the heat and steam of the shower.

Yeah, for people who prefer to shave right after you get out of the shower, agreed that blades are better.

As mentioned I had to shave every day for like 30 years and the best system I found that didn’t cause skin irritation (I have skin that is fairly sensitive to shaving and easily irritate) was using DE safety razor blades–likely because a high quality DE razor with brush and lather you’re getting a really good cut on every hair. Even the best cartridge razors most shaves you’re removing at least some of the hairs via “pulling”, which is more prone to causing irritation.

The second best way I found to shave was with a good electric (which for me was a Panasonic, but some will vary based on face shape, the Norelco kind with three shaving heads are great for some people, but it will depend somewhat on the direction the hairs of your face grow in.) So that’s the answer to the mystery of why some people use them, some of us are daily shavers that have just found it to be our best option after lots of experimentation.

I’ll note too that there’s honestly a bit of misunderstanding about how electric shavers work. You aren’t supposed to just rub the up and down your face, there’s actually proper technique for them. Direction you’re supposed to shave in, pressure you’re supposed to use etc. While no home shaving option out there has given me as close a shave as a DE razor + brush and lather, I can easily match cartridge closeness with an electric. Different types of electrics require different techniques, the foil style electric ala the Panasonic Arc series, you’re intended to apply enough pressure that the hairs actually get pressed passed the foil guard, and for areas like your neck you are actually supposed to use your free hand to apply pressure to your skin to pull it taut and straight as the foil moves over it. If you just rub it up and down 15 times you’re really not doing much other than just aggravating your skin. A proper electric shave each area you shave should only require a few passes of the shaver or your technique is not correct.

Electric is much more convenient for me because I can shave while reading email and surfing the net. Don’t have to stand over a sink.

Good tips on technique, Martin. I’ll put some of those to use next time I shave.

I only shave my upper cheeks and neck because of my beard. I had a foil style Braun that I hated. It was the first electric I’d had in 20 years and I was so disappointed. I later bought a Norelco 3 headed that I love.
What I learned after researching a bit is that the grain of your beard can play a roll in what works best for you. Because I’m only shaving my neck and my neck hair has an odd grain. The Norelco means I can shave in little circles back and forth on my neck. The 3 round heads will eventually get the hairs in all directions.
For people with a more defined grain, or people who are focusing on their cheeks and chin areas with an already more defined grain, the foil style can work best for them. By stretching the skin and going back-and-forth they can cut more of the hair, faster and smoother.

You guys do know that you need to replace the blades every few years, don’t you?

It isn’t years but usage and yes it has been mentioned earlier in the thread.

I’ve never had much luck with traditional electric shavers, but the Oneblade (sold as Philips brand in the UK) works fantastically well, even if if you don’t like having to shave every day.

You do need to replace the detachable blade periodically - typically every 2-3 months. Although if you shave wet, that time frame can be extended.