Does anyone have an electric razor they are happy with?

I have a very thick middle-eastern type stubble and electric shavers have never worked. But in January I decided to bite the bullet and have another go. I did some internet research and saw the Panasonic ES-LV67 was highly recommended for men like me and not too pricey (the top-ranked shaver for heavy stubble was much much more expensive).

I have to say - I’m really impressed. It gives me a really close shave - almost as close as a razor. It doesn’t pull at my hairs and, after getting through the first few shaves, doesn’t irritate. I still need to go over the bits I missed though - you won’t get everything first time like with a sharp razor.

IMHO, an electric razor will never match a blade shave. I have two electric razors that I have found very satisfactory. I use them for touch ups of spots I sometimes miss when shaving with a blade. Sometimes I shave my head and have used both to do my head, but it’s never as good as a Mach III and some shave cream in the shower.
My two are,


Both are very good, no complaints. They work best when used in a linear motion, not circular like rotary shavers.

30 years ago I bought a fog-free mirror and started shaving in the shower. I had trouble with razor burn with electric and blades before that, but now swear I could get a great shave with a carving knife. Anyone who has trouble with shaving should try this. I will never do anything else.