Does anyone have an Scanning Electron Microscope I Can Borrow? (TMI?)

Or something similar. I just passed a small, minor kidney stone*, but I’d love to see this thing up REAL close like, and have pics to share with friends, family, and loved ones (really, who wouldn’t?). I’d be willing to pay for shipping and any additional cost for time and effort.

Also, I realize there are plenty of SEM images of kidney stones on the internet, but they’re not mine. This is like a child to me… it’s special. And I want a portrait to have framed and put above the mantle. Or should that be over the toilet?

P.S. And, of course, I’d post them here for everyone to see.

*I’ve had larger ones passed, and one surgically removed, and checked by my doc, so this one… I get to keep. :wink:

So do you do this with any other waste products your body produces?

I once heard that passing a kidney stone was an experience akin to childbirth.

I never realised that the similarity extended to the sudden urge to snap a bunch of photos of your new arrival so you can share them with family and friends, though. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve even tried to nurse the little sucker, but I’m having trouble lactating.

Anything that causes me that much pain ought to be upgraded from waste product, to a curiosity of “things that make my life miserable”. So, therefore should be inspected at 2000x magnification so that I can see with my own eyes every spiky, jagged spire that tore up my ureter and give each one the finger.