Does anyone have any cool ghost stories?

Do you believe? Do you not believe? Got any cool tales to share?

Ah, fond memories of sitting around the Christmas fire telling ghost stories.

I experienced a ghost once. I didn’t see him, but he made his presence known.

A friend of mine lives in an haunted house. The ghost is of a family ancestor who built the house (GGFather?) named “Sampson”. Sampson built the house long before electricity and therefore is intrigued by it. He often turns things on and off, especially the can opener. (Don’t know why.)

Sampson was killed in his (2 mi) driveway, going to the post office. On more than one occasion my friend Paul (who was the last to leave in the morning and the first to come home in the evening) would find that “someone” had gone to the mailbox and brought in the mail. It usually was waiting by the can opener.

Sampson “lives” in the upstaris attick, part of which was turned into Paul’s room. The unfurbished side was for storage. Sampson likes to play in the stuff stored there. He especially likes to play with the old swords.

This is all from what Paul told me. Here’s my experience: While having a sleepover many years ago, we were listening to old 78’s on the victrola. When we were done, Paul said that we needed to put a foxtrot on the turn table. We did.

To school those who don’t deal with Victrolas, the needle is a pointy bit of steel that severely damages the record over many playings. For this reason, the needle is always lifted off of the record. Further, Victrolas have a hand crank spring that winds down with playing. It should be left in the down wound position.

Fast forward to middle of the night. The spring is would down and the needle is off. Suddenly, the record begins playing!! We all wake up (being in the next room) and Paul says “Sampson, stop. We’re trying to sleep” and the music STOPS!!! We look at the victrola and the needle is UP and the spring is wound down!!!

Sure, mom and dad could have been in on it somehow, but I doubt it!!

Creepy, but cool.

I’m not much of a believer in paranormal stuff, but I think I had a “presence” in an old apartment a long time ago. I often felt like I wasn’t completely alone in this apartment, and when a friend came over to visit, she mentioned that she thought I had a ghost (I hadn’t told anyone about the presence I felt). She said she thought it was a male presence, which is what I always thought, too. Just a little bit weird.

I just started working the 11:00pm to 7:00am shift at the brand new hospital we have here in Fargo. I work in the Materials Department.(supply) I spend most of the night by myself in our warehouse preparing supplies to be sent to other departments. The night before last, at about 4:00am, a piece of shelving material that was propped up in a corner decided that it was a good time to noisly fall on the floor. “Probibly just fell.” you might say. No. it was in a tight corner and landed at an impossible angle from where it was sitting. Scared the crap outta me at first, but I paid it no mind. Until about five minutes later when another piece fell in exactly the same position. Now I was creeped out. I went over to check them, picked them up and put them away. While I was doing that, a stack of boxes on the other end of the warehouse kinda fell into itself some. Now, we haven’t been open but two months, but we have had a couple people pass away in our ICU, so the thought that the place is to new for ghosts is pretty much out. I stood my ground and said to no one," Ok, I know you’re here. You are dead now. Go to the light and quit bothering me!" I swear I felt the temperature drop a few degrees for a second, then nothing. Was all quiet last night. Hmmm…

(she was 26 at the time)

She was staying with a friend, Ang, at Angs parents house (where Ang grew up) for a night. That night, they went upstairs to bed and Ang asked my GF to sleep with her, as she felt uneasy. She agreed and went to her room. They were both aware of the history of the house. About 20 years ago the owner blew his head off at the bottom of the stairs. AFAIK no ‘supernatural’ occurances had happened before this night.

Her room was on the top floor of a barn-roof shaped house and there is a door into the attic there. They went to sleep and were both awakened in the middle of the night, not by anything, just awakened. They looked at each other and couldn’t figure out why they were awake.

As they were lying there awake, Angs dog perks up and looks at the closet. They couldn’t hear anything wrong and nothing moved and they just watched the dog. The dog sat up and looked intently at the closet and starts to whimper, not a lot, just a couple of whines, and then holds up his front leg as if to shake a paw…to the closet!

These two were out of bed in a second and spent the rest of the night downstairs on the main floor.

About 10 years back we were remodeling n old home. It was February or March, lots of slush and snow on the ground. No one was living in the house during the rehab. We had a crew in sanding the hard wood floors. It was a large house and the sanding took several days. Sanding floors creates a lot of dust. One day we left and locked the door as we were the last ones to leave. The next day we were the first ones on the job. We open the door and went in. The first thing we notice is small, like a two year old’s, bare footprints. The footprints went across the front room and up the stairs. No other footprints were present - just the little ones. We shrugged it off and thought that one of the sanding crew was in with a child.

Later that day we asked the sanding crew and none of them had been back. And none of them had any kids that young.

We asked the owner. She laughed and proceeded to tell us about the haunted third floor. She didn’t know any details but it appear the place was haunted by a child and it stayed most on the third floor. It like the door open and the windows shut. If the owner closed and locked the door or window, the ghost, or what have you, would unlock and open it.

Pretty freaky. We never saw anything else, but it was wild.

There are some really cool stories here. There was another very long thread but I can’t seem to locate it. They’re not all ghost stories, but very vaguely creepy ones.

You see, at a camp that I used to attend, one of my counselors had been going to this camp since he had been a kid, so he knew everything that had hapened at this camp since the late 70s or so. There was a girl who worked at the waterfront teaching swimming. Everyone liked her, she was smart, pretty and socialable (but a bit shy). One day, while driving back to the camp on her way back from a day off, it started getting foggy. You see, the camp is up in the mountians in the middle of nowhere. There was not another car in sight, seing as it was somewhere around midnight. While turning the curve, she saw something move across the road out of the corner of her eye, and heard a suspicious sound. She immediatley pulled over to see if she had hit an animal (as they are rampant in this part of the country). Upon inspection, she couldn’t find any animals, but on her way back to her car, she saw someone lying in a ditch by the side of the road. She, being the good samaritan that everyone knew her to be, went over to try to help him, only to discover that he was dead. He had not been hit by the car, but had been murdered and left in the ditch recently. She immediatley sped back to the camp, and called 911. They told her that they would check out the area. About an hour later, they called back and asked if she was sure that that was the area where she saw the body, because there wasn’t any body anywhere near there (not to say that they did find a body far away, they just didn’t find one). She was told that she was overtired, and that she should get some sleep. A few days went by with out incident, but her friends could see that she was not the person she was before the incident. Then, without cause, at night she would start “seeing” bodies laying around camp. When other counsolers were asked to check out the section of the woods where she had seen the bodies, they found nothing. She soon was asked to leave because she was frightening the little kids when she started seing dead bodies during the day as well

If you want another good story about the london tube, then e-mail me