Does anyone have any high recommendations for carpet cleaner for pet messes?

My dog is finally house trained (more or less) and as I look upon the havoc that wrought on my carpet I’m ever more certain why apartments usually don’t allow pets.

My parents have a carpet steam cleaner, but I’m going to have to get the shampoo.

Before I spend the better part of a day simply reliquifying the horrors from beyond does anyone know of a really bangup brand I should get to kill the smell and the stains?

I can tell you what we use - either the Bissell or the Hoover or the Rug Doctor brand stuff for the machine. We’ve also used a spot treater - I can’t remember the name - it’s Shout or something I think - it’s a kind that is for heavy traffic areas, dries to a foam, then you vacuum it up. But for real accident accidents from the dog, we do use the carpet cleaning machine.

I’ve had great success with Fantastik OxyPower. Spray it, rub it in with a wet sponge, then vacuum it out.

I really like Nature’s Miracle but I’ve only ever used it to spot-clean little messes quickly. I’ve never had to use it for a big/deep clean.

I have 4 cats and a dog. There are a lot of carpet messes in this house.

I have the Bissell Spot Bot and I use it with the Oxy cleaning solution. It gets out the stain and the smell of random potty accidents and vomit/hairballs. They do make a ‘pet stain’ version (smaller sizes found at places like Target), however, I think the Oxy solution works just fine.
I love the darn thing. I got it as a holiday gift, but it has turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

I’ll second the Spot Bot and accompanied Spot Bot Solution. The machine works miracles. I should add I mainly use the hose attachment as it does a fantastic job, while actually using the spot bot as intended works great it also leaves big clean spots to let you know how dirty the rest of your carpet is.

We have the Bissell carpet machine, but I just recently called a local place and they did the whole house for $99. I think we got the ‘the economy sucks’ special because it’s usually more expensive then that. At any rate, an apartment shouldn’t cost very much.

They really did do a much nicer job than my husband does with our machine (sorry hon.) I have to admit that the Bissell shampoo smells really good, especially the pet odor kind.

Chem-Dry Spot Remover is pretty good. You can get it at Home Depot, or just ask for a Chem Dry cleaning service. It’s a little costly, but it works pretty well.