Does anyone have children that are a waste of planetary resources?

We all know they’re out there – will anyone admit to responsibility for some? How do you mentally deal with it?

I myself have no children, so I can safely answer “no”. (I’m atill struggling to answer the question of am I myself a waste of planetary resources :stuck_out_tongue: )

I only have one living child, and she’s an adult now. She’s a good, competent person. Her boss adores her, and her friends enjoy having her around. Her father and I also like having her around. I think that she’s an asset to humanity.

Some of my nieces and nephews, on the other hand, the ones on my husband’s side of the family…well!

I have a cousin who I think is a waste. Does that count?

I mean, she didn’t graduate high school (I mean, c’mon, I graduated and I didn’t do crap), she’s not married and pregnant, I’m not even sure she knows who the father is, her mother’s on welfare and she will be too.

At least I know that, in my grandparents eyes, I’ll always be better than her.

I know a family whose oldest son is like that. This idiot even got out of the Marines, so that should tell you something.

Hmm… well, I have a domestically-abusive cousin who has 6 kids by a bunch of different women, never graduated high school, etc, etc…

I have two brothers in law who have never worked a meaningful job in their lives.

My little girl is only 2 1/2… so I’ll just have to wait and see…

We had a foster daughter than joined our family when she was 15 and pregnant. She (wisely) made an adoption plan for that child. She moved out at 17 and since then has birthed two more children, one of which she made an adoption plan for, and the other she is parenting. She told us once that she feels that her calling in life is to give birth to as many children as she can to give all childless couples an opportunity to parent. She’s 23 now, on welfare, and threw and all expenses paid scholarship out of the window to pursue this calling :rolleyes: We’ve tried to help her, honest, but she’s incapable of hearing what she doesn’t agree with.

emacularius: I see your location is in Colorado Springs. The next time you pass by Peterson AFB, please blow a kiss out of the window to our daughter who’s stationed there. She was recently in your local paper because she was selected Medical Airman of the Year. We miss her a lot! Thanks!

It’s too early to say for my son. He has the potential to go either way, depending on what he does about his drug use. My daughter is headed in the right direction now. They are both great kids who have made stupid choices in the past, and it’s taking them longer than most to grow up, but I think, compared to some of their friends, they will be fine, eventually.