Does anyone have TiVo basic?

I may get a TiVo DVD player for $100 after rebates, it comes with TiVo basic.

Its the same as TiVo but lacks alot of the options and can only see for 3 days worth of programming. Also this model is unhackable but it has an 80 hour hard drive so I don’t really care about that.

Does anyone have TiVo Basic? Is it good or does upgrading to TiVo plus really, really worth the extra $13/month? Since im a college student i’d rather not have a $12.95 a month fee so free TiVo basic on a $100 TiVo that is worth $500 is a really good deal for me.

Although I don’t have it, it seems like TiVo basic is a pretty good value. You would get a lot of use out of just that. Getting the full service would be a luxury. It’d be nice to have the full service, but the basic service will work really well.

Can you email me where you’re getting the TiVo? I was looking to get an additional one and the basic service would be perfect for that.