Does anyone here actually sleep with the sheets tucked in at the foot of the bed?

I gave up on tucking in the sheets a while ago. I also move around a lot in my sleep, so they’re coming out sooner rather than later. Not that I mind having the sheets tucked under, I’m just too lazy to be fixing them all the time.

For those of you that don’t use sheets- do you wash your duvet cover regularly? I love climbing into bed every Sunday night with nice fresh newly-washed sheets, and I’d imagine without regular washing a duvet would become funky rather quickly. And that’s just disgusting.

I move around in my sleep, and I hate it when I take the sheets with me! I also hate it when my SO steals them. All parts of my body must be covered by the sheets at all times. So yes, I tuck them in at the foot of the bed, because it helps them stay put longer. As it is I usually wake up at least once to fix them, and have to recruit my SO to help, which he does not appreciate.

I always have to have something covering me, even in summer. I can’t sleep otherwise.

I do regularly, whether I’m sleeping with sheets or not. That way the whooooole bed is nice and fresh… sighs

Yes. I probably don’t wash it as often as you wash your sheets (once weekly is a lot for a comforter!) but I wash it once or twice a month.

But then I am the apparently disgusting girl who uses her towels for a week before washing, so :: shrug ::

:eek: Glad I missed that thread, if there was one.


When I actually make my bed, yes. There’s plenty of times (like right now) that I don’t even have anything on my bed and just sleep directly on the mattress, though.

You joke, but people said they wouldn’t ever hug me because of it!

Hate it- the first thing I do at a hotel is untuck the sheet.

I remember that thread, but I don’t remember seeing that commentary. Good grief. :rolleyes:

You’re still weird for not tucking your sheets, though. :wink:

This really struck a chord with me. I sleep hanging upside down from the ceiling in the closet.

FTR, No one said “Anaamika I will never hug you aGAIN!” The quote was (paraphrased), “Ugh. People don’t wash their towels every time they use them? I won’t be hugging these people at Dopefests.”

I don’t use a top sheet at all, just a comforter. I hate the “trapped” feeling I get from having sheets.

It’s so comfy isn’t it? I love to sleep that way.

Took forever to rig it so I wouldn’t fall on my head when I drifted off though.

Wash towels every time you use them? Name of God. I’ve got enough laundry to do without adding five towels to the pile every damn day! And besides–you use them when you’re clean! :confused: Towels go into the wash once a week.

Now, sheets? Yes, they must be tucked and tidy or, as Ravenman says, society crumbles. :wink:

Oh god, I can’t imagine sleeping without the sheet tucked at the bottom. It would move all around! Your feet would worm their way out the bottom! You’d probably wake up all tangled up in the covers! Yeah, you’re pretty much a barbarian. Sorry.

ETA - I also hate having the sheet come free and my feet touching the blankets, or anything different from the rest of me. Hate it. Murrrgh.

But my towels are getting kinda gross. I don’t wash them every day. I, uh, sometimes don’t wash them every week. Sometimes I just wash them either when I’m washing sheets or, uh, when they smell. I’m telling you this so you know who not to hug.

Absolutely. And the blankets. And (if there is one) the bedspread. It truly bothers me that comforters can’t get tucked in. I also need socks on. And preferably multiple pillows on top of the foot of the bed to weigh everything down.

If not, my feet will be cold and I won’t be able to sleep. I’ll keep waking up thinking I’m about to freeze.

In a perfect world, both sides are also tucked in and I’m completely snug inside the bed, but that isn’t a necessity. Snug is good.


(barbarian roar)

Yeah, I tuck in the sheet, the light blanket, and the quilt; the duvet I just throw on top. (what? I get cold easy) If I’m too hot, I jus tstick a foot out the side liek other posters have mentioned. That way, to make the bed, I just pull everything up. I can’t imagine having to remake the entire bed every day.

That of course is only an issue if you make the bed! :slight_smile:

(Yeah, I think making the bed is silly. We get very few guests, and even fewer of those see my bedroom.)