Does anyone here actually sleep with the sheets tucked in at the foot of the bed?

I think you know what I mean, but when you go to hotels they have this. They take all the sheets and to “make” the bed they tuck the bottom under the mattress.

I for one always pull them out as soon as I go to bed. I have really hot feet, temperature-wise, and can’t stand not being able to stick them out of the covers periodically.

I’ve always wondered, though - is that how you’re supposed to sleep? With them tucked in? People have expressed surprise that I pull them out in the past.

You are obviously an uncivilized barbarian not too long out of your cave. The only proper way to sleep is with the sheets tucked in tight at the bottom and the sides. Preferably on your back with your arms and hands under the covers. And please don’t thrash around. You should wake up in the morning in exactly the same position.

Hey, you asked!! :wink:

My goodness, yes.

It has nothing to do with my feet. I also hate hot feet at night, and usually stick my feet out from the side of the bed.

But having the sheets tucked in is a great way to keep all the bedding anchored. I am a bit of a restless sleeper, and if the sheets are not tucked they end up on the floor, and I wake up cold and confused in the middle of the night.

I’d sleep with them tucked in, but my wife insisted they not be. Then she complains that the sheets won’t stay put. :rolleyes:

I’m so sheet-phobic I don’t use them at all - we sleep under a duvet!

It’s the epicentre of a schism between me and the girlfriend — I like to be totally tucked in, she rolls here eyes and says I’ve got a “hospital corners” fetish; she gets all claustrophobic unless her feet are “free” and the covers upon them loose-floating. Freaking weird.

Me. I can’t stand it when the sheet doesn’t reach the bottom of the bed, and my feet are directly in contact with the blankets.

I sometimes do stick one foot out the side of the blankets, though.

It never occurred to me that people didn’t sleep with sheets tucked in at the end of the bed. I’ve done it this way my whole life, and as far as I know every woman I’ve shared a bed with has as well. I also stick my left foot out the side of the bed to keep my body temp regulated, but that’s the side.

And people that sleep without sheets at all? Barbaric.

Oh, good god, yes, tucked all the way around. I want to be pinned under the tight sheets.

As a kid my sheets would come untucked and I wouldn’t bother to make the bed (hey, I was a kid!). When I got older, I realized that the wrinkly sheets made sleeping less comfortable than having a smooth surface to sleep on. Once I started tucking in, I have trouble sleeping with them loose.

Being able to slide around unencumbered by tangles of loose sheet is the only way to go.

Hate it, hate it, hate it. Cannot stand tucked in sheets. Don’t like MRI machines either.

I’m not sure where this puts me but I sleep with the *duvet * tucked in to the bottom of the bed.

The boy is not impressed with this as he likes it to come right up to nearly over his head, but that’s just weird.

Count me in as another restless sleeper who keps 'em tucked in. Otherwise, the wifey steals em. I too, also stick my left foot outside of the covers (except in the winter).

Oh, god. This would make me so claustrophobic. I couldn’t stand it.

And yes, there are lots of times I sleep without sheets. I don’t need a sheet in the winter, when I have a lovely warm comforter! Sheets just get in the way.

Only half the year, when I use a sheet (and a cotton blanket), both of them tucked in as God intended. The rest of the year I’m under the free-floating duvet.

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Grandma taught me how to do hospital corners so I would sleep with them tucked in until they came out and I wouldn’t tuck them in again until I changed the sheets. Now I don’t really tuck them in though, I’m too lazy to do hospital corners most of the time.

It drives me BATTY when my sheet rises up so my feet are free from it but not the duvet. It doesn’t bother me to sleep without sheets, but I can’t be half and half, the difference in material is noticable enough to bother me when I try to sleep.

Sheets must be tucked in at all times, and feet and hands must ALWAYS be covered by something, even if nothing else is.

I don’t get the no sheet when you have a duvet thing. I like layers. Lots of layers. These days I sleep in long pjs and socks and I have sheets, a blanket, and a duvet on the bed. If I get cold, I’m liable to go and put a sweatshirt on, too. My internal furnace seems to turn off at night.

You guys are killing me. I feel all hot and itchy just listening to the story. I had to take my shoes off. :rolleyes:

BetsQ, I find if I use layers, the layers come apart no matter what I do. I am a restless sleeper at best, or, I should clarify, I sleep soundly but I move a lot. Thus I think also is the reason for having the untucked sheets - it drives me BATTY when I can’t move the sheets with me and I have that trapped feeling. So then I have the sheet going in one direction and the blanket going in another and more than likely one of them is wrapped around my head…you see where I’m going.

Man…lots of uncivilized folk on this board! :wink:

I cannot describe how uncomfortable it is for me to feel my feet exposed to the open air in any way when I’m trying to sleep. Sheets are meant to be tucked, dammit! I’ll even tuck the comforter when I can get away with it. I am usually pretty OK with my wife stealing the sheets away from me, but if I lose the bottom of the sheets, I will wake her up if I have to because I need them back! Even if my feet are still covered by the comforter, I gotta have them under the sheets.

And the idea of sleeping with a comforter but no sheets is really, really weird to me.

Good Og, yes, the sheets have to be tucked in! If they come untucked – most often, for me, while at a hotel – I wake up in the middle of the night with sheets, comforter, duvet, and everything else wrapped around my neck, and me half-frozen further south.

Tucking sheets in is especially important now, since I sleep on satin sheets. It’s hard enough keeping the pillows from zipping off the bed for distant parts of the bedroom! If the sheets weren’t tucked in, there’s no telling where they’d end up, too.

The bottom needs to be tucked. Otherwise there is no order and society crumbles. And sticking one foot out over the side is the proper way to regulate temperatures.

A duvet is also acceptable. But tucking in the bottom and sides? That’s just for crazy people who need to be restrained, also indicating a crumbling of society.