Bedclothes Poll

I asked these questions of another message board and got some interesting responses:

  1. What do you wear to sleep?
  2. How many and what kind of pillow do you use?
  3. What do you sleep on/under?

My answers:

  1. I sleep in the nude, year-round. I can’t remember when I got in the habit.

  2. One poly-filled pillow.

  3. I share a queen-sized bed with my husband and our 30 lb. dog. Hubby and I each have our own full-sized down comforters - we don’t have to share - yay! We use the comforters in cold months and just the comforter covers in warmer months.

How about you, teeming millions?

Most common question I ask: “What?”
Most common question I get: “Are you really hearing impaired?”

  1. In the nude too, unless I’m visiting somewhere. I love it!

  2. Two standard size pillows…no feathers (at least, not in the pillows…) :wink:

  3. Sleep under and/or over comforter, double bed. I need to get a bigger bed, the boyfriend is 6’4" and whines constantly about it…hehehe :smiley:

I have a vibrator, a computer and pizza delivery…why on earth would I want to leave the house?

This is going to be an interesting thread…

In the nude, or brief…depending on how I feel when I crawl in.

Two pillows…one next to me…on under me head…

I sleep with just a sheet…fiance is cold-blooded and needs like 4 blankets…on a Queen sized bed…

I wear a t-shirt, no panties(nude if I have a sleepover)…except when my ‘aunt’ is visiting, then I wear shorts.

Queen size bed, two pillows, synthetic fluffy filling, a sheet, a handmade quilt, and a tattered thick comforter over it all. Window open, cold room is best.

Usually the only other person in the bed is Frankie, (he sneaks in in the wee hours) and he wears spiderman jammies.


Kelli’s got the right idea about cold rooms - I sleep so much better when it’s cold. I even like it to get down into the 50’s in my room.

That being said, you must have jersey knit cotton sheets, waffle-weave blanket, and a big fluffy down comforter with a flannel cover. You’ll never want to leave your bed.

Oh, and I sleep in a t-shirt and shorts, with one pillow.

I wear a nylon/polyester/whatever nightshirt and usually nothing else (unless it’s that time; then I wear panties, too).

I have 2 pillows to myself, both under my head; I don’t know what kind they are.

My husband and I have a double bed, and right now we sleep under a blanket and sheet. When it’s not so hot, we’ll probably throw a quilt or comforter on over the blanket.

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Hubby and I both sleep in the nude, T-shirt sheets, and grandma’s quilt. He sleeps on a down pillow, I sleep with my head under a poly pillow covered in a sham. It’s good and dark that way, but the ruffle acts like a curtain and I can still get air. I like it cold too, mostly because Hubby sweats like…well, he sweats a lot and roasts me alive.

T-shirt and shorts–I can’t stand to sleep naked. Don’t know why. Even when the proverbial funk is going down–I will get up and put something back on.

Oddly enough, though, I do not use a top sheet. Just a fitted sheet and a blanket, and a quilt when it’s cold. It’s mostly because I’m really lazy, and it makes making the bed much easier. It sends chills of horror down the back of my mother-- who would be Martha Stewart if she weren’t a teacher–but then, so does the rest of my apartment.

And three–count 'em, three–pillows.

Dr. J

I sleep in the raw. Even in the dead of winter. My secret identity is the ‘human furnace,’ and my super power is keeping my honey roasty-toasty. She is always cold. Middle of the summer and she sleeps in sweatpants/sweatshirt.

One pillow, not too fluffy. If I’m sleeping alone, I have to have something to hang on to, such as another pillow.

I have three different sleeping arrangements:

At Home:
[li]Nude if I can get away with it (that is, my grandma isn’t staying over or my brothers have all their little friends around)[/li][li]One pillow, kind doesn’t matter, and my big stuffed tiger that Carl gave me for my birthday (I bury my head in it’s paws cause it smells like him :slight_smile: )[/li][li]A full sized bed with a comforter and a sheet if it doesn’t get kicked to the bottom of the bed, in which case I rarely bother to retrieve it[/li][/ul]

At School:
[li]I can’t sleep in the nude at school because it would really bug my roommate, so I usually sleep in what ever I was wearing that day, minus my pants[/li][li]Twin sized bed, but everything else is the same[/li][/ul]

At Carl’s:
[li]I sleep nude, but he always wears boxers[/li][li]One really long round pillow, with lots more supplementing it, though he usually takes them all and I get a throw pillow, plus the tiger[/li][li]A full or queen sized water bed with an unrolled sleeping bag as the bottom sheet, pancho liners for sheets and a big blanket with a tiger on it. Nothing is actually tucked in anywhere, it all just kinda lays ontop of the bed so you can adjust it anyway that’s comfortable.[/li][/ul]

Oooh! Did you guys see that? All my neat html-stuff actually worked! Yay!

Warm weather: underwear
Cold weather: underwear + T shirt
REALLY cold weather: long johns + long sleeved T shirt
I use a soft feather pillow on top of a large hard pillow with arms.

Now I have a question. How can two grown people ever get comfortable in a double bed? My wife and I are large people, and maybe we’re spoiled, but we both find it difficult to sleep together in a double bed. We’ve got a king at home, and when we are elsewhere (F’rinstance at the mother in law’s) and try to sleep in a double bed, it’s just hell. I’ve resorted to sleeping on the floor rather than trying to share a double bed.

What about it, double bedsters?

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I usually sleep in undies, a t-shirt, and socks (i cant stand sleeping with bare feet, i like my feet nice n’ toasty).

However i sometimes sleep naked, which is most definately wonderful. Don’t know why i don’t do it more often though.

My bed is a couch/bed futon. I sleep with the back up because I like to sleep on my side and the back part gives support. I also have two poly filled pillows, a sleeping bag over the futon (keeps the mattress part clean), and i sleep wrapped up in a blanket and a comforter.

Does anyone else like to sleep in a cool room? I hate a warm room because i get hot, and the coolness keeps me comfortable (unless its winter and raining).

Well, THIS thread is certainly filling up fast.

I, too, slept naked in the days of my callow youth, but for the past several years My Boys have seemed to require more security. So usually a t-shirt and a pair of boxers. The boxers are replaced by knee-length flannel shorts when the weather’s cooler.

For the dead of winter, I own a couple of good old fashioned Grandpa-style flannel nightshirts, worn over boxers. Nothing could be toastier, except maybe a union suit.

Two pillows; queen-size bed, occupied by wife and self, and occasionally my 3-year-old son when he gets up in the middle of the night and wants to urinate on someone. Sheets and comforter.

Flannel sheets are highly recommended for wintertime use.


(apologies to all the male SDMBers who came in here to check out the girls in their frilly nighties, and are leaving with a mental image of me in a nightshirt.)

(apologies to all the FEMALE SDMBers too, for that matter…)


  1. Nothin’ on but the television. Move around too much in my sleep and can’t stand nightclothes getting all twisted around my extremities.
  2. At least three pillows – 2 under, 1 over (Too much ambient light. Gee, maybe I should turn off the TV.) Foam, the feather ones make me sneeze. Was recently given one of those ‘Swedish foam’ contoured pillows and am trying to get used to it as it’s supposed to be good for you somehow, but keep chucking it in the middle of the night for the old stand-bys.
  3. On a big king sized bed, surrounded by books, magazines, laptop, phone, remote, etc. (plenty o’ room as it’s just me at present). Actually, the big bed’s feelin’ a bit too big and empty these days. :frowning: Under as many comforters and blankets as the weather allows – I love the weighty feeling. :slight_smile:
    Follow-on question:

Back, stomach or side? (Me: all three.)

Sleeping on the back can lead to snoring, which can lead to the ol’ elbow-in-the-ribs at 2 AM, forcing you over onto side or tummy.

Man, I am painting one HORRENDOUS picture of myself in this thread. I better run over to the “$100-bill-in-the-toilet” thread and post so you folks’ll think I’m suave and urbane again.


Sleep in usually just panties unless it’s freezing out and then maybe a short nightgown. It’s too cold in the morning trying to get out of bed without anything on.

Have a down pillow and a feather pillow underneath that.

Like it cold in the room and lots of covers but hubby is a furnace and usually have to take off some of the covers.

Okay - I’m lying.

My silk jammies or nighties (no panties), sometimes nothing, but most of the time a pair of mens boxer shorts with nothing on top.

King size water bed (water level low so I sink down inside), silk sheets, thick down quilt in the winter (thick mattress pad, water heater cranked), linen bedspread in summer (thin mattress pad, heater turned off). Many pillows, usually around 6. I have to have the sheets and blankets perfectly smooth or it drives me nuts.

The bed is a stressed oak canopy with grape vine wreath wrapped around the entire top with dried cream and peach colored roses and baby’s breath intertwined. Shear peach colored silk panels draped along the canopy corners (think Queen Victoria or medieval era). There are teeny white twinkle lights twisted into the vine that give the room a faint romantic glow when I have “company”.

Windows open - always.

One or two cats curled up on my feet.

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Well I screwed the pooch on that one.

I haven’t a clue where it went, but the beginning of my post should have read:

"Garter, thong panties, bra, all in red lace. Black seamed stockings, red spiked heels. . . .

Okay - I’m lying."

Crap - try to make a joke and I dork it all up. :frowning:

Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.