I sleep in my underwear - a survey (TMI?)

“Hi. My name is Asimovian, and I sleep in my underwear.”

I’ve always thought this was perfectly normal, particularly living in Southern California, where the nights tend to be warm (enough) year-round anyway. But it seems like, more and more in my life, I have casual conversations with folks where phrases like “…and then I changed into/out of my pajamas/night clothes and…” pop up. I’ve reached the point where I no longer have any idea which side of the norm I fall under.

So I ask you, good citizens of Straight Dope: what do (or don’t) you sleep in?

I have several sets of jammies that are shorts/tops. I wear them summer and winter…unless it is one of those ‘occasions’ where jammies are not needed, then I sleep nude.

String, or nothing.

I get all tangled up in anything I wear to bed, so I wear nothing.

I do have jammies though, I put them on when I get up in the morning and need to go downstairs. Very important to remember this when I have people staying…

In my own bed, we are “as delivered.” Though this will likely have to change as the Butlerette gets older.

If I’m sleeping elsewhere, and it’s planned, either boxers, or some sort of shorts. If unplanned, probably sleeping fully clothed.

“I sleep in the nude. A-buffo! Winter or summer, rain or snow, with the windows OPEN!”

Another nude sleeper here also, no matter what the occassion. I get tangled up in what I am wearing if I try to. I toss and turn a lot.

Feel highly exposed and vulnerable sleeping nude, always have and always will. So it’s oversized tees and regular undies for me. Add socks and sometimes even thin workout pants if it’s a really cold night (I turn off the heat before bedtime since this old farmhouse gets drafts straight outta downtown Siberia).

Unless I’m so bushed I just crash in full outfit, I also don’t wear a stitch when sleeping.

Sleep in undies in summer, pajama pants in the winter.

I feel weird trying to sleep nude, so I’ve always stuck with underwear and a nightshirt.

The underpants. Just the underpants, ma’am.



I sleep sans clothing because, as many others have said, I get tangled up in them at night. Any nightgown/sleep shirt I have ever tried to wear felt like it was strangling me by my third attempt at rolling over.

I keep a sarong near the bed to tie around me when I get up in the mornings, or if it’s a morning where I get to stay at home, I’ll just put Stonebow’s pj pants and t-shirt on.

If I am sleeping someplace besides home, I wear a t-shirt and panties and suffer.

[Marilyn Monroe]Chanel N[sup]o[/sup] 5[/Marilyn Monroe]

Seriously though: boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

I sleep naked. I have done since I was about 7. Trying to sleep in anything at all drives me batshit

Naked. I’ve also slept in the nude since I was very young and can’t tolerate pajamas or nighties now.

Ditto. And they have to be shorts/tops, can’t wear long PJ’s, or they get tangled.

And I usually have a sheet over me, even on the hottest nights…if it’s sweltering, then just draped over my hips and nowhere else. Funny, that…I’ll take off my shirt & wear panties if it’s *that * hot, but I’ll still keep the sheet pulled over my hips. It’s a security thing, I’m sure.

I must be weird.

I sleep in clothes all year round.


underwear (panties + undershirt/camisole)
long johns (sometimes top & bottom, sometimes just top. yes I know it’s geeky, but I’m asleep.)
pants & top (heaviness of material depends on weather)
sometimes another top
socks (I can’t sleep barefoot)
braids (I can’t sleep with my hair all in my face. it itches.)
Yes, I look stupid when I go to bed. but I get cold easily.