Does anyone here have a preference curly blonde haired women?

For a few months, I’ve been developing a preference for women with curly blonde hair, does anyone else have the same preference? I mean, its healthy right? This preference thing…

It’s healthy, sure. Just remember that hair can change. I wouldn’t make it a dealbreaker though.

It means you’re a freak. :stuck_out_tongue:

Preferences are normal. But, look at that girl over there with the long, straight red hair. Pretty nice, no?

I like Red haired women alot too, I dunno, its weird. But I guess variety is the spice of life :smiley:

My friends cal me a blonde hound.

Because every serious relationship I’ve ever been in for any lenght of time have been with blonde girls. Except for that brunette several years ago.

And that little red haired girl I almost married.

Oh yeah, and that Andorian. (Blue skin, now there’s a weird preference!)

My girlfriend has curly blonde hair.

She’s always straightening it and dyeing it even blonder.

I don’t understand.

Hmm…I’m a natural red-head, with curly blonde hair. So, I’d say you’re all on the right track! Of course, I’ve always wanted to be a brunette for a day.

'chu lookin at me?

Yeah, Baby! [flashes Austin Powers smile]

Oh, behave

Personally, it’s the woman inside that’s important. Of course, I’m a fine one to talk…

I’m a redhead, trapped in the body of a brunette. I must die my hair to be the real me.

The most gorgeous type of hair on a woman is straight dark brown/black hair.

Why womn, and other men, fail to realize this is an eternal mystery to me.

hey, I did have that preference, but I guess it changed when I saw that bird from ROTK the kings daughter, shes too hot to imagine.

Miranda Otto, I have found out her name to be, man shes gorgeous.

Have you changed your breakfast cereal lately?
That might’ve caused it.

How sweet of you to think of me…

So why wasn’t I swarmed with men back in my single days?!


(zoogirl flips back her kinda curly, more or less blonde locks and sulks off…)

swarm mode ON
Heh. :wink:

I know at least one blonde Doper (at least she was the last time I saw her) that has gone curly. Check out ouisey’s thread I’m a Curly Girl too!

Hair? You’re looking at their hair?