Does anyone here have a Tivo Roamio?

About a week ago, the Internet connection to it cut off, and I lost my apps. No matter what I do (and that included getting an updated modem), nothing is working to get them back. I realize this is probably the ultimate First World Problem, but I enjoy watching You Tube, etc. on my TV instead of a small screen and would like to do that again.

The website has been useless, and so has customer support. I suspect the real reason is because I may have an obsolete unit, perhaps?

Any advice?

There’s a site called where all the Tivo hobbyists hang out. They would be able to give you a lot of help.

Thanks! I had forgotten about it. Just registered and posted this question.

Hopefully they get your Tivo back up. But if you’re mainly concerned with streaming apps, you might want to take a look at a dedicated streaming device like FireTV or Roku. Tivo is a great DVR, but is just okay as a streaming device with just basic support with limited apps and not necessarily the latest versions of them. To confuse things even more, Tivo has a standalone streaming device called the “TiVo Stream 4K | Make your favorite apps feel like TV”. Although it’s called Tivo, it’s not like a normal DVR Tivo. It’s just for streaming, but it has a bit of Tivo feel. These devices cost about $30-50 and will have a much better streaming experience than your Roamio.

I went to Tivo Community, and most of the people who responded said I should go with something like Roku, about which I have also heard nothing but positive things. Yesterday, I did go to Best Buy, and the very knowledgeable lady I spoke to said that it sounds like the Roamio no longer supports apps, and a Roku would be my best option.

I haven’t purchased one yet but it sounds like I probably will.

Okay, after doing a little more research, it sounds like I would need a smartphone if I want to do any kind of recording on Roku, and I don’t have one and do not wish to purchase one either.

Update: A 1-hour phone call led to some unplugging, rerouting, and rebooting, and my Tivo is fully functional once again. :slight_smile:

Update, 2 years later: I still have the same unit, and a similar problem has shown up. The apps disconnect, and don’t reappear until I reboot it.

This time, the message board suggested that I might have interference, which makes sense because I do live in an apartment building, and the next-door unit is occupied by a family with two teenagers.

Still, does anyone else have any input?

I don’t think I mentioned before that we are not allowed to have satellite dishes here, with a few exceptions.

Another update: I think this unit has given up the ghost. It kept kicking me off yesterday, and I can’t reboot it.

I am NOT going to rewire my TV just for a couple of days. So, no TV in the meantime although I can watch it through my computer, which I really don’t like to do.

My only comment is that this statement makes no sense to me. A Roku unit doesn’t require a smart phone for use, and it doesn’t do any “recording” whether you have a smart phone or not. It streams content from various sources on the Internet.

At least at the time, it sounded like a smartphone was necessary, or at least highly recommended, in order to program the Roku.

I think you may have misunderstood something. You can use a phone to control a Roku but it is not required. All Rokus come with a remote control and that has always been the case. I have used quite a variety of Roku devices since I used to work for Roku, and I have never used a phone to control any of them.

ETA: In fact, when the Chromecast was released in 2013, which DID require a smart phone to use, we had a long internal discussion about whether we should respond with a similar device, but decided firmly against it. We decided that our ability to operate without a phone was a competitive advantage.

While you can modify or add recordings using the Tivo App, a smart phone is not required to setup a Roamio.

I had a Roamio for years, technically still do somewhere in the basement, it was a great DVR and I really enjoyed the commercial skip feature. However, with most cable companies abandoning cablecards, they are getting to be obsolete. The FCC removed the requirement for cable companies to provide cablecards back in 2020.

Old habits die hard: Yeah, it’s crapped out on me, and I ordered one on eBay.

The new-to-me Tivo arrived today, and guess what? (And this may be why the other one went kablooey?) The cable card doesn’t work, and the cable company couldn’t help me either, nor could the Tivo customer service. They’re going to send someone out on Wednesday, and I hope they can get me fixed up then.

I did go to the office, which is less than a mile away, and my trip wasn’t totally wasted because I turned in a piece of equipment that I realized wasn’t connected to anything, and sure enough, it was obsolete and they would have wanted it back.

I’m going to send the Tivo back and get a refund, minus the shipping costs. I am also going to change my cable and Internet provider on Monday; the monopoly was broken a while back, and I named my neighbor who likes this company better than the old one as a referral, and she will get a $50 credit.