Does Anyone Here Wear a Ski Cap at the Gym?

If so, why do you do it?

Is weight lifting more effective if you are hot while you do it?

Is it to cover up hair loss (I never see girls doing it, only men)? If so, why not wear a baseball cap?

Maybe the person is cold because of his low bodyfat.

He wants to look like a badass.

Here you go, a girl in a ski cap.

Anyway, people do it because it keeps their hair out of their face and doesn’t (in some opinions) look as dorky as a sweatband. A baseball cap wouldn’t work for squats and cleans, you’d catch the brim on the bar.

when i’m on the NordicTrack.

I do it, but only because I like to look like a horse’s ass when I work out.

Are you sure you are not confusing it with synthetic skull caps like many football players wear? These are quite popular among athletes as sweat controllers.

Examples here

I always wonder what their hair smells like after all that sweat has dried.

what is a ski cap?

Really? Use context clues if you’re not sure.

like Casimir wears.

It’s a toque! A toboggan! If it has an optional face mask, it’s also a balaclava!

It doesn’t seem to be a popular look around here. If a hat is worn its usually a baseball hat, often backwards. Still douchey but a different brand.

Seriously, this is the only reason.

Trust this guy.

Ah, a toque.

It was that “cap” business that threw me.

Carry on.