Does anyone know 2009 IRA limits?

Does anyone know 2009 IRA limits?

This sitehas 401k, etc. limits but I have yet to see if they changed for 2009.

$5000 for under 50/$6000 for 50+

Thanks for the reply, but that information is for 2008.

I’ve searched exhaustively and all I’ve come up with is the “Adjusted for inflation” numbers. It will be at least an additional 500 dollars.

WAG: 6000. People lost a lot of money in the market this year. I could see a 6000 dollar limit plus the 1000 catch up for 2009. That, of course, is a guess.

Thanks Dale. I have searched, too. It looks like all the other numbers are in per my link above but this one. $6,000 would be a nice jump. It should be easy for us to calculate. They go up based on inflation in increments of $500. 2008 was the first year for $5k and the first year they started the $500 increment thing (per So in order to go up to $5,500 their inflation number wold have to be (500/5000 = 10%). I haven’t seen any numbers this high so I guess it doesn’t seem like it will increase. Does this logic make sense? Do they use CPI inflation in their number?

BTW, Vanguard says $5k/$6k.