Does anyone know a nice acoustic version of "The Boys are back in Town"?

I absolutely love “The Boys are back in Town” by Thin Lizzy but i was wondering has any artist ever done a nice acoustic version of the song. I’ve heard a kinda easy listening cover by the cardigans and that risible effort by the happy mondays. Anyway if any of ye clever dopers know a band that does a version please tell me what album i can find it on etc. Thanks,

You’ll have more luck in Cafe Society, me lad. I’ll shoot it over there.

There’s a totally different bluegrass-type song on Patty Loveless’ latest? album, Mountain Soul. Not really what your after, I guess.

What I forgot to say is, it’s also called “The Boys Are Back In Town”.

A quick search revealed versions of the song by the following:

April Wine
Bad Company
Bon Jovi
Patty Loveless

I have heard the April Wine and Everclear versions, neither meets your requirements. You may be able to sample other versions at one of the the online CD retailers such as CDNow.