Does anyone know anything about Oxycotin addiction?

My sister has a nasty addiction to this stuff. It was prescribed for her fibromyalgia back in the day, and she has gone totally off the deep end. I don’t mean Cindy McCain lite, either. I’m talking stolen doctor’s prescription pad, parole officer, stealing thousands from my parents, just got into my checkbook and hit me for some funds as well, stolen computer, the whole damn bit.
She’s been in and out of recreationals before, but this stuff has latched on and won’t let go.
Rehab didn’t work for long.
I know there’s no cure, really, I just wanted some insight about anything-what it’s like, how much it costs, how she gets it on the street when it’s supposed to be prescription, how dangerous it is, how we can protect our valuables, what using and withdrawal symptoms are like, etc.
Any takers?

Google is your friend–there’s a ton of information out there.

For “what it’s like, how dangerous it is, what using and withdrawal symptoms are like”…

For “how much it costs,” I have no clue, sorry.

For “how she gets it on the street when it’s supposed to be prescription,” I don’t need a website–there are these things called “drug dealers”, you may have heard of them… :smiley:

For “how we can protect our valuables” you need to find a support group in your area for family members of a drug addict. You can’t do this by yourself–Oxycontin is an opiate derivative, like heroin or morphine, so your sister has a serious problem. :slight_smile:

It’s costs vary by the size of the pill…they come in 10, 20, 40, 80 mgs…I believe the drug company quit manufacturing the two highest doses…

basically, you pay 1$a mg…

generally, the plastic coating is taken off, then u either swallow or snort it.

It’s far more addictive than many illegal drugs, and far more deadly…I’ve tried it a couple of times, I don’t care for it at all. Had a friend get hooked pretty bad on it.

I have friends who sold the stuff. One of them had a dad who was a pharmacist. Some of them got pretty hooked on these things. Snorting them in the bathroom in class or wherever. I would imagine that one could possibly have a heart attack if too much was intaken. OC’s are gross.


A friend of mine was in the psych ward for depression not long ago. While she was there, there was a guy in there who was trying to get off Oxy.

She said one night he was a MESS! Trembling, restless, couldn’t sleep, walking the floors … just in really really bad shape :frowning:

sidle, please email me. I work at the Center for Drug and Alcohol programs, and I will see if I can get you some more info.

You can also check out It’s very sad, but at least you can find out info from people who have been there.

I’m really sorry you have to go through this.