Does anyone know the title of this "Dead End Kids" movie? (underlying serious issue)

Sometime in the Seventies I saw an old movie on TV–apparently a Dead End Kids movie whose storyline included a serious matter–slum kids whose tenement was a firetrap. The teenage Bowery Boys pretty much took the law into their own hands. They decided to give the scofflaw landlords their comeuppance: according to the leader of the kids, the slumlords “broke some old-fashioned laws” and so, as symbolic punishment, the kids confined them to the stocks and fed them like babies in high chairs. Then, with angry tenants assembled, the kids reeled off a list of serious offenses committed and negligent incidents brought about by the slumlords.
Anyone know the title of the movie?
I brought this up because of an issue relating to deliberate installation of unsafe fire alarm systems, a potential felony under the terms of California Penal Code Section 386.

Here’s a list of the Bowery Boys films.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the movie I saw in that list. Only one movie even mentioned arson.

And you think the punishment for Section 386 violations is the being confined to stocks and fed like babies in high chairs?

Was it Dead End Kids or Bowery Boys?

Angels Wash Their Faces (1939)

*After Martino’s thugs, Kroner and Shuffle, are caught at the scene of a fire and released before they can be questioned, the boys enforce some antiquated laws and, with the support of the police department, pillory the thugs and take their case to the people.

Thanks! You saved me a lot of time and trouble. :slight_smile:
Ironically, it turned out I had been given the wrong statute number. It was PC Section 368, not 386; but 368 is just as heinous, as I see it. :frowning:

You know, it might be better that way! :mad: But the punishment IS given in the statute; see West’s Annotated California Codes.

I just happen to have it here on the coffee table, but I’m finding it under Section 368, not 386.:dubious: