Does anyone know the title of this very recent horror short film?

This is frustrating because I only saw this a year or two ago, and it was new at the time. I’m not sure if it was a stand-alone horror short film, or part of a horror anthology…either way, it was on Hulu or Netflix in 2016 or 2017.

Without giving away the ending here’s what I remember about the film:

Three young boys decide that they want to see what happens if they try putting money into an abandoned carnival ride. It’s the sort of ride where you sit in a cart (like a mine cart) and are pulled along a tunnel with various scares inside. This particular ride has been abandoned for whatever reason. There’s a giant grim reaper perched on roof of the abandoned ride.

The kids eventually do get up the nerve to put coins in, and the ride, including the giant reaper, begin to move just after they pile into one of the carts. Eventually the boys realize that there’s something not right going on as the ride begins, and two of them manage to get away before the cart disappears into the tunnel. The third boy does not.

If this isn’t enough to go on, I’ll spoiler box the rest of what I recall.

Thanks in advance for any leads!

Ah! Nevermind, it’s called “Ghost Train” and is part of a 2016 horror anthology called Minutes Past Midnight.

30 minutes! This place is amazing!

Don’t remember it. Please spoiler the ending for me here, elfkin.


After the third boy is taken away in the ride, the other two run off. Years later, 20ish(?) the two now adult friends return to the last place they saw him. They spend a while talking about whose fault is was that boy 3 got taken. Then they get the ride working again, and he reappears! He’s still a little boy, sort of. And he immediately kills them both. As one of the men dies, he imagines how it would have been if they’d left the ride and gone to the ocean like the dead boy had wanted to. The End.

Huh. Thanks.

Does the little boy say anything before killing them? Has he been possessed or something?

Appears to be available on Amazon Prime (i.e. free for Prime members).