Does anyone know this song's title?

By now, you probably heard about the movie “Whalerider”. Here’s the $64K question: In the movie, there’s a school dance (students performing) scence where the teacher turns on a CD for music, a male (maybe?) singer’s voice comes on. Does anyone know what’s the song’s title and who’s the singer? I was too busy secretly wiping tears from my eyes (hey I’m the sentimental type!) to notice the end credits. I did many searches but only found Lisa what-her-name for the soundtrack, and nothing else. Help, anyone?

Here are the song credits at the end of the movie (from
“Bar One”
(International Observer)
Loaded Sounds
Performed vy International Observer
Coutesy of IO Audio

“Kaikoura Dub”
(M. Hodgson / P. Free)
Performed by Pitch Black
Coutesy of Pitch Black

“U Want Beef”
(I. Chongnee / M. Sagaponutele /
D. Sayello / D. Maoate / D. Puniani)
Dawnraid Music Publishing
Performed by Deceptikonz
Courtesy of Dawnraid Entertainment

“Voice / Percussion Loop”
Hirini Melbourne
and Richard Nunns
From Te Ku Te Whe
Courtesy of Rattle Records

“Jast Passing Through”
Composer & Singer
Nick Theobald