Does anyone know what event this Deadspin article is cryptically referring too?

Article from August 2011 that I saw linked the other day

The opening line is

Oh, 1997. Back when we thought murdering Vince Foster was the worst our government could do.

I totally thought this was referencing the Snowden leaks but that was June 2013. Does anybody know what this article is even referencing with this extremely odd opening line?

It’s a Clinton conspiracy theory.

No I meant what our Government has done worse than the supposed murder of Vince Foster since then.

My guess would be the war in Iraq, or the rise of the security state, or the torture in detention centers.

There are conspiracy theories that say the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attacks.

But it’s not clear the article is alluding to any specific act; it’s more like saying, “Remember the good old days, when the Vince Foster ‘murder’ was the worst thing that the conspiracy theorists could come up with?” There are any number of things that have come up in the last 20 years.

It is a very odd way to start an article about a three-way in the stands at Fenway.

I’m not familiar with DeadSpin but if you’re basing one supposition on an opening falsehood, I see no reason to think there will be any forthcoming truths ahead.

DeadSpin is a sports website so very odd to be bringing that up unless in an ironic or mocking manner.

To me it looks like they unearthed a video from 1997 (or so they originally thought), so the author thought he would dredge up some references to 1997. The Vince Foster story was one, as were a couple of popular TV shows. Why the Foster story was picked, I don’t know, but I doubt there is any more to it than a weird, random connection.

God, this makes me feel old, and I’m 31. But I’m still old enough to remember people talking about Vince Foster, and there’s even a reference to it in my favorite Farrelly Bros. comedy, Me, Myself, and Irene.

I can remember the Clinton conspiracy theories very clearly. The dad of one of my friends in high school believed in that stuff religiously and he ranted to us about it once.

Deadspin is basically a sports site, but it does reference politics a lot and its political lean is decidedly to the left. It is emphatically not a fan of Trump and was also not enamored of GW Bush. Whether that helps answer the question or not I don’t know.