Does ANYONE know who Bob Nelson is?

I went to see Bob Nelson last night for like the third or fourth time. IMHO, he is one of the funniest comedians on the planet. And, yet, once again, no one I know has ever heard of him (of course, these are the same dopes that never heard of Unca Cece, so that doesn’t surprise me). What about you? Have any of you ever heard of him? If so, what do you think of him? – to jog your memories, he’s the guy that did Jiffy Jeff the boxer.

And, as usual, thank you for taking the time to read yet another of my totally pointless posts. :slight_smile:

WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above as apparently my cat has learned to type. =^…^=

Yes. But he’s not nearly as funny as Billy Connelly.

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I knew a Bobby Nelson back in grade school. We called him The Terminator cuz he always threw temper tantrums and got really pissed really quick. (especially with big bad 8th graders teasing him) What can I say? I miss the dork…

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Here ya go mom. You can thank me later.

P.S.: I’m assuming this is the guy…

I know who Jerry Nelson is.
I know who Tracy Nelson is.
I know who Lord Nelson is.
I know of the township of Nelson, NZ.
I know who Nelson Muntz is.

I do not know who Bob Nelson is.

(you know, if you write one word often enough, it starts to look wrong)

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How about I thank you now, Omni. Thank You. Yes, that is the right Bob Nelson. He is too funny :D.

And, Yankee, I love Billy Connelly, too. Has he done anything lately? The last thing I remember seeing him in was either the TV show Billy or Head of the Class (which ever came last)

Thanks again for that link, Omni.

Billy Connelly’s last effort was a dramatic role in the film Mrs. Brown. I understand he’s working on a couple of scripts now. He has a couple of concerts on video: Pale Blue Scottish Person is one. Ishould probably do a quick internet search…see you later…

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Billy Connolly has done plenty - he’s constantly busy. He tours the world every year doing stand-up, which he is stunningly brilliant at. He makes TV specials about those tours, or does a documentary or two. And he acts in movies or TV, which is I think what he’s been up to lately…

Ah yes, the IMDb comes up trumps again:

Beautiful Joe (2000)
Debt Collector, The (1999) … Nickie Dryden
Boondock Saints (1999) … Mr. Brown
Columbo: Murder with Too Many Notes (1999) (TV) … Findlay Crawford
Still Crazy (1998) … Hughie
“30 Years of Billy Connolly” (1998) (mini) TV Series … Himself
Impostors, The (1998) … Sparks
Middleton’s Changeling (1998) … Alibius
Paws (1997) … Voice of PC

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Perhaps this can help:

In the film Riff-Raff, a guy in London is hitchhiking from London to either Scotland or the north of England. He holds a sign that says “I knew Billy Connolly.” So what does BC have to do with hitchhiking?

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