Does anyone make fingernail armor?

My lovely wife, Mrs. Nott is a CPA. She works on a keyboard all day. Her nail polish shows the strain. It occured to me that if she could glue on a wee little piece of metal, in a channel-iron shape, to the edge of her most active fingernails, the polish wouldn’t suffer at all. Does anybody make a little metal shield for the end of a nail? I recommended guitarist’s finger picks, but she wasn’t interested.

I’m risking brickbats, here, but I gotta say, men would never put up with such lousy technology as women have on their nails.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it! Ow. :eek:

A clear topcoat works wonders.


What you’re describing is exactly what horseshoes are.

No way man, horseshoes are like nailing metal into your feet.

Unless that’s what you were going for, AskNott

Easy, get a pair of gauntlets, cut the finger tips so your wife can use them. :dubious:

No, what I pictured would be about twice as thick as aluminum foil, crimped around the edge of the nail and glued on. For the sake of beauty, they’d be made of, or plated with, silver or gold. I pictured it being formed around a dime and bent to fit the wearer’s nail before gluing.

This is not rocket surgery. Surely, I am not the first earthling to think of this. Huh. That’s probably what the guy with the balloon chair said.

Get some Micropore tape. It’s brand of medical/bandage tape, and can be found in just about any drugstore. Get an industrial strength fingernail file while you’re there, too. Remove all fingernail polish, take shower or bath. Do NOT moisturize hands. Apply base coat of fingernail polish, let dry. Cut the tape to the approximate size of the fingernail. Apply tape to fingernail, trimming as necessary. Cover with fashion fingernail polish (one or two coats). Let dry between EACH coat. Apply top coat of fingernail polish. Let dry again.

The tape is white with a visible tabby weave, so take that into consideration when choosing fashion fingernail polish color. Personally, I just use a clear topcoat and pretend that I have one of those really fancy fingernail art jobs. I find that when I treat my fingernails this way, I get far fewer chip and my nails are less likely to break. I also use this method to treat split fingernails.

To remove the stuff, soak a cotton ball in polish remover WITH ACETONE, and swipe it quickly across each nail first. Then, when all nails have been swiped, scrub at each nail one at a time with the cotton ball. If the tape residue is persistent, use rubbing alcohol to remove it.