Does anyone NOT like "Almost Famous"?

I’m sure you’re out there.

This is one of the few movies I have watched repeatedly. I just love it, and I can’t really imagine what someone wouldn’t like about it.

Some of what I didn’t like about it the first time, don’t bug me anymore. For instance, the somewhat contrived “Tiny Dancer” scene and the defintiely contrived “plane crash admissions” scene.

But those are minor compared to how funny this movie is, how touching the movie is in several parts without being sappy, how it just matter-of-factly gives you a great appreciation of rock-n-roll.

I think that everything that Lester Bangs has to say is spot-on and hilarious at the same time.

The characters seem a little caricatured at first, but they really all have some depth to them. They all have some sadness, some happiness, some pride, some humility, some smarts, some “dumbs”.

The casting is perfect, obviously for Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup, Fugit, but also Jason Lee. Not to mention Phillip Seymour Hoffman with great quotes and mannerisms, and wardrobe. Great “cameo” from Jimmy Fallon.

And Cameron Crowe just strings it all together perfectly. Every character leaves you wanting a little more. You really get a sense of the growth of the band and the chacacters while getting a sense of the period.

Anyway, I just really enjoy this movie.

I wonder what’s not to like about it.

I loved the movie. I for one liked the Tiny Dancer scene, although the plane crash admissions thing did seem a bit contrived (but VERY funny).

I guess it depends on what you mean by “like”… I definately don’t like the movie as much as you do. I saw it once and that was enough. It was okay, nothing special.

I knew someone who said he didn’t really like the film, but then I killed him, so I think we’re safe now. :smiley:
(btw, how could you not mention Ms. Penny Lane?) :frowning:

I couldn’t remember the actresses name. Now I do, Kate Hudson.

Again, just a great performance. Really pulls off the false bravado when she needs to.

And when William tells her they sold her to Humble Pie for $50 and a case of beer, her facial reaction and verbal response is perfect.

I did not like “Almost Famous”. But then again, I am not a white guy who grew up in the 70’s. (which this movie seems to be catering to) Also, I have never really enjoyed Rolling Stone magazine. YMMV.

I loved the movie also.

But Penny Lane needed SUCH A SLAPPING!

I liked this movie a lot, but in my opinion, there was better music to showcase the era. Not that this music was bad…I just would have added more…like Bowie, Supertramp, Todd Rundgren…

Of course, then it would have been MY movie.

Loved it. I still get all emotional when I hear “Tiny Dancer.”

And, it is just me or was Stillwater an awesome band? They needed to make a real album. I’m curious as to how they do stuff like that.

I liked the movie, despite not being a white guy who grew up in the seventies and who likes Rolling Stone mag. :slight_smile:

I’d say she got it with the “Humble Pie” deal. . .

He had a music writer/producer guy put together some songs and riffs for the band.

I read about it once, but can’t remember all the details. They were definitely good enough to be believable.

“FEEEEVERDAWWWG. . .scratching at my back door. . .” <- that tune had a pretty good hook.

Crowe’s music choices are part of why the movie is so good. “Tiny Dancer”, “Misty Mountain Hop”, “Everybody Knows this is Nowhere” are all completely linked for me to this film.

I didn’t much care for it.

Then again, I don’t much care for Cameron Crowe’s movies in general.

Love the movie. Agree with the basic points - and it certainly stands up to multiple viewings.

One piece of trivia - while the Tiny Dancer and Airplane-crash confessions scenes are somewhat contrived, but ultimately work for me, I believe both are based on real-life experiences that Crowe had on the road, just like with the “Golden God” scene. Sure, some of the specifics have been changed - the GG scene was Robert Plant in an LA hotel room, IIRC - but they did happen. I think then general consensus is that the airplane crash confessions happened with the Who (I don’t know who confessed to being gay, but given some of Townshend’s foibles of late - including stating that the song “Rough Boys” from his first solo album was gay-related - it may’ve been him; ultimately unimportant to me). I don’t recall who the “song on the bus” band was - I am pretty sure the actual song sung was not Tiny Dancer - but Crowe thought it fit and could get the rights…

I thought it was alright. Not bad, but not that great.

I don’t know if you know this, but if you don’t, this’ll help. Get the “Bootleg Edition” of the dvd (that’s the studio’s name for the Special Edition, it’s not actually a bootleg). It comes with a directors cut that adds 45 minutes into the movie (re-edited much like the LOTR ones) plus a six song cd of the Stillwater songs.

Another vote for so-so movie. Cameron Crowe is nowise good a writer and director as he believes he is.

I thought the movie was a piece of shit for many reasons, but I really hate the way it plays into and reinforces that incredibly lame Baby Boomer idea of “Rock-n-fuckin’-roll, MAN!”

Hey I’m a white guy who was born in the 70’s and that doesn’t stop me from liking the Wu-Tang Clan.
On paper it sounds like a lame movie - some dopey kid (who reminds me of my girlfriends brother) leaves his Wonder Years family and follows a bunch of B-list rock stars in the 70s to the tune of a bunch of nostalgic 70s music. But Crowe makes it work in such a way that it’s like I’m recalling my high school days of following Zeppelin around wrting articles for Rolling Stone.

Could have used more Ninjas though.

I saw this movie when it came out and I HATED it. I thought it was a total piece of shit. Then I watched it again about two months ago and it’s one of my favorite movies now. Go figure.

It’s one of my favorite movies, but my husband doesn’t much care for it, or Cameron Crowe movies in general. I think he likes *Say Anything * and Fast Times, but he’s not crazy about the other ones.

I have the *Untitled * DVD and I looooove the bonus Stillwater CD in it. I wish there were more Stillwater albums. I’d have their whole canon.