Does anyone really know what time it is?

More to the point. Is time a real thing? A relative thing? Or is it a man-made way to keep track of life?

Lord Flasheart to Nursie: I like it firm and fruity. Am I glad to see you
or did I just put a canoe in my pocket?

Lord Flasheart: She’s got a tongue like an electric eel and she likes the
taste of a man’s tonsils.

The above (all of it) is supposed to be a link—I don’t know how to make it work. Anyway, if you bother to type it in and check out some of the referenced works, you will have as good an idea as anyone can on what time really is. I favor the definition that “time is nature’s way of ensuring that things do not happen all at once.” I don’t remember where I got that one.

for some reason or other man decided that he needed to keep track of time. first it was just day/night, then early day/late day, followed by the moons and then seasons. after that the day is broken up into smaller bits and high noon is “invented”.

anyway,time wasnt made to keep track of life. time is real although you cant touch it. dont know the proper word for it, but time stands for the physical movement of the world, the most obvious being day/night.

bj0rn - its 12:30

Are love and hate real things? Relative things? Or are they man-made ways to keep track of who you get along with and who you don’t?

Is arithmetic real? Or is it just a way to tell whether I have more than you, or you have more than me?

Maybe you could restate the question. I don’t get it.

Does anybody really care?

“The large print givith, and the small print taketh away.”
Tom Waites, “Step Right Up”

If so, I can’t imagine why.

No more that I can imagine why the SDMB’s auto-quote feature insists on putting “embedded” QUOTE /QUOTE pairs inside already-quoted material, when it should know that the UBB code handler doesn’t support it. :rolleyes: