Does anyone remember "ONCOR Communications?"

The were one of the major long distance services (like maybe 5th largest) 10 or so years ago.

I had never heard of them until I saw a segment on “60 Minutes” where they showed some of their practices, like “slamming” pay phones, and charging for “ring time” on unanswered calls.

I also have not heard of them since.

Does this ring a “Bell?” :slight_smile:

I remember them quite vividly. I made a call from a pay phone on one side of town to my home, on the other side of town. It was 8 miles. I didn’t have any change, so I used my calling card. The phone call lasted less than a minute. The bill for this call was around $14. It only cost me $10 for a 20 minute phone call from Stratford-upon-Avon England, and that was 3000 miles away. I called the Attorney General’s office after that one. I’d say something must have happened, since I haven’t heard about them in a while.


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