Does anyone remember this 60s (?) Australian Outback Travelogue?

I saw this show years ago (maybe on PBS or the Travel Channel?)–it featured a proto crocodile hunter-type taking a station wagon (and trailer?) on an extended road trip into the outback. His family and yappy dog were along for the ride–with the dog doing it’s best to harass any and all wildlife. I seem to remember that the guy would summarily dispatch any animal that his dog encountered. Not much to go on I know, but I thought I’d give it a shot…anyone remember seeing this?

Possibly “Across the Top”, a 1967 film by Malcolm Douglas? The website of the late Mr Douglas describes it as:

Link here for details of getting a copy.

Other possibilities would be films/documentaries made by Alby Mangels, or the Leyland Brothers, although they’re probably a bit more recent - 1970s and onwards.

I remember the Leyland Brothers’ programs being regular Sunday evening family viewing when I was a child.

Is this it?

When Keith Adams loaded his wife, sister and dog into his Buick in 1955 for an expedition from Perth to the Gulf, the film he took of his travels was the first real Australian nature film

Thanks for the replies! Northern Safari is the one, I only caught a bit of it years ago-- almost thought I had imagined it or experienced a weird Steve Irvin-inspired fever dream.

I remember that little dog…

…and how I wanted a snake or a croc to get lucky and nail it.